How to drop hints that he’s finishing like, way too fast


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How to drop hints that he’s finishing like, way too fast

Subtlety is key!

No matter how tough they pretend to be, guys are actually pretty fucking sensitive, especially when it comes to fucking.

So if you're a girl who hooks up with guys, it can be hard to bring up your own sexual satisfaction (or lack thereof) with your partner without him reacting like you just said he has a micropenis. And one thing that guys are particularly insecure about is stamina: because when he taps out after like, two minutes of frantic pumping, you both know it wasn't good for you.

So how do you guide your man in the right direction? Here are a few ways you can broach the subject without bruising his delicate ego.

Fake a kink

Tell him that the idea of him jerking off before you guys hook up turns you on, because if he's already gotten off once today the odds are way higher that he'll last longer when you're actually together. Maybe this isn't even a lie — I don't know you or your story!

Give him a cute nickname

If he finds out that he's saved in your phone as 'The Flash,' he's gonna get the message. AND he'll know you're into superheroes which is like, so nerdy-hot. Guys love a geek girl.

Take a trip down memory lane

I know it's trashy to talk about old partners in front of someone new, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I truly cannot think of anything more desperate than telling your new boyfriend about the time your ex rawed you for the entire runtime of the second Lord of the Rings movie.

Reverse the roles

Offer to go down on him, bob on it like three times, then fall asleep. If he gets mad, just tell him it's a metaphor.

Give him the silent treatment

Odds are, if he's cumming super fast, that you're doing some acting in the pleasure department. Silence is a great way to let him know what's up and what should be up for a lot longer. Stop faking moans (and orgasms) when you're not feeling it, and watch him respond by stepping his game up.

Passive aggression is a girl's best friend

Fuck a diamond! Men are most vulnerable and suggestible post-coitus, like they've been hypnotized, so slip a suggestion of dissatisfaction in while you can. A comment like "Whoa, you're enthusiastic" or "Oh, are you done?" will cut him to his fucking core, especially if you say it all doe-eyed and smiley.

Or, you could drop hints Kim Kardashian-style

And by that I mean literally just say it! What've you got to lose? A two-pump chump who you can't even communicate with? Shoot your shot so you could finally get to shoot your shot. You get it.


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