If you feel like absolute shit today at least you can blame it on the stars


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If you feel like absolute shit today at least you can blame it on the stars

You witchy bitches already KNOW

If you woke up with that wrong-side-of-the-bed feeling this morning and pinned it on being faintly hungover or flawed on a personal level, don't worry: it's not you, it's just the planets. Again.

Today is the shortest day of the year on the Northern Hemisphere because of the Earth's orbit around the sun (or some science shit), which means it's also the winter solstice.

What that means is there's some powerful energy flowing right now. Pagans, druids and your weird aunt on Facebook all celebrate this day as a marker of the lowest point of the year — it's exciting because things are only gonna get better.

But according to Newsweek, some of the more mystically inclined among us believe this year's solstice is going to weigh particularly heavy on us, due to the fact that it's occurring at the same time as two major astrological events: the last day of Mercury in retrograde and the transition from fun-loving Sagittarius season to stern, self-serious Capricorn season.

What does that mean? Apparently, the fact that all of these events are happening at once could explain why you're feeling "limited and constrained" today, or extra stressed about taking care of your daily responsibilities.

So basically, if you feel like trash and like you're drowning in all of the things you need to get done (I still need to buy my dad a Christmas present! Fuck!), don't worry — you're not alone.

We're all living under this same shitty sky, and whether we're willing to admit it or not, it affects us all.


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