Selena and Justin are ALREADY in couples therapy over his ex Hailey Baldwin


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Selena and Justin are ALREADY in couples therapy over his ex Hailey Baldwin

It’s going to be a loooong 2018

I'm as pro-therapy as they come, but I'm also as anti-Justin Bieber as they come, so perhaps this opinion is just rooted in some deeply inappropriate and personal place, but I get it. My nonexistent boyfriend and I would be straight the fuck in therapy if he so much as had the number of someone who looked like Hailey Baldwin. (Yes, I'm a jealous binch.)

According to TMZ, the newly reunited couple, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, are already in Christian's couples therapy after fighting about the Bieb's ex, Hailey Baldwin.

I knew she should've stayed with the Weeknd — and so did her mom.

According to sources close to the publication, Selena is upset because Justin has recently been in touch with the model, after trying to clear the air with his ex thanks to his new "open and honest" way of life. And honestly, I have to side with Selena.

I'd be in complete and total support of my boyfriend being honest and open, as long as I'm the only one he's being honest and open with. Isn't there a code for this by now?

Either way, last week Selena's mom was reportedly hospitalized over the news of her daughter's reunion with Justin just before she and Selena unfollowed one another on Instagram. And while at first I thought it all seemed melodramatic, maybe she had a point.

My future daughter (I won't have a son), would never.


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