This is why you should at least try dating a cheater


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This is why you should at least try dating a cheater

He owes you

Few guys will admit that they've cheated in a previous relationship, but in the rare case one does, don't immediately cancel his ass from your dick list.

In fact, I have a few reasons why you should willingly date the fuck out of him.

So, you've asked homeboy in your Tinder DMs the dreaded question, "Have you ever cheated?" And sadly, he's answered yes. However, even just by admitting to his prior cheating, he now knows he's walking on eggshells with you. He'll do anything to please you.

Imagine having to confess your own "sins" to your parents. Like the time you walked home alone shit-faced at 15, or some real deep shit, like the time you slept with your hot poetry professor with the tight butt.

It ain't easy telling the truth when we've done wrong, but choosing honesty over being a liar will put some respeck on your name.

You can also learn a lot from a cheater, because cheating is rarely black and white at all. He shouldn't have stuck his dick where it didn't belong, but we're so quick to cancel someone without asking why.

There are two types of cheaters: the one who's sorry for what they did and the ones who's sorry that they got caught. Fuck the latter cuz he ain't grown, but shoot the shits with the apologizer. He'll probably be open to discussing his personal issues and what went wrong in his previous relationship.

Work through your own trust issues with him. Having possibly been cheated on, you might not be jumping at the idea, but dating a cheater may open up some deep-seeded trust issues of your own.

Hannah Montana said nobody's perfect (to the point where I wanted to choke the shit out of her), but she's completely right. You can filter the fuck out of yourself to look perf online, or remove your "Arby's Hostess" title from your resume, but there are still receipts out there of your misgivings.

Try forgiving someone for their own.


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