Cardi B didn’t ‘copy’ Nicki Minaj, she’s just a better rapper


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Cardi B didn’t ‘copy’ Nicki Minaj, she’s just a better rapper

Stop being petty, girl

In this "age of female empowerment" we've somehow found ourselves in, it seems Nicki Minaj is the only one who can't figure out how to get over herself long enough to get on board.

In the female rap game, apparently there's no room for newbie rappers to spit feminist bars, but I think Nicki and her fans are just threatened. Especially by Cardi B.

So threatened, in fact, they're now alleging Cardi COPIED Nicki's swag, style, and look in the No Limit music video.

  • Nicki even confirmed it by co-signing her commenters' thoughts

    But in all actuality, the joke is on Nicki because Cardi's latest hit, "Bartier Cardi" started trending on Twitter literally the next day.

    Not a bad way to follow "Bodak Yellow."

    I guess I just find it funny how soon after collabing with Cardi, on MotorSport with Migos (which they couldn't even record in the same booth) Nicki felt the need to scrape the bin for a jab at a fellow female rapper who's proving to be a better rep for feminism than she ever was.

    Try again, Nicki.