Say hello to the ‘cool girl spread’, the Instagram pose taking over your feed in 2018


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Say hello to the ‘cool girl spread’, the Instagram pose taking over your feed in 2018

The Bambi is finally dead

We must learn to reflect on the Instagram poses that were once a part of our life, but realize there are seasons for a reason, and each one is meant to teach us a new lesson in social media trendz.

As a rule, most of these "trends" are particularly laborious (never for the faint of heart), but finally, this 2018 season, we've been gifted with a pose we can all get behind — a pose for the many, not the few.

The #look, originated by self-conscious, hyper-masculine dudes on subway cars in major cities from New York to London, has finally seeped into the public consciousness, and left us with our trendiest pose to date: the "cool girl spread."

And you've probably already seen every, single influencer on your feed doing it without even noticing:


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No longer will we be forced to buy chub restraining, high-waisted bottoms in the name of likes. Or inflict Scoliosis on ourselves in the hopes of more back-cracking dick.


fry day. @jwlalive #jwlasocialpartner

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We're out here getting comfy now

And every certified "cool girl" from Bella to Dua have joined in, too.

i'll remember you in the blue skies??

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waiting for the ☕️ like #sonntag #womanspreading #coffeetime #monkistyle

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Also so stoked I got to show you a sneak peak at my @coach bag I designed

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It’s all about the classics.

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It makes sense after everything else we've worked towards reclaiming this year, we'd come for the leg room. Save the best for last, they always say.

Rihanna really did it first though – she's been on this pose for months.

#SoSTONED @manoloblahnikhq Pictured above: "Bajan Princess"

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We've been cramped for too long!