I accidentally became a ‘FinDom’, and now men pay me tons of money to be bitchy to them online

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I accidentally became a ‘FinDom’, and now men pay me tons of money to be bitchy to them online

You call it sex work, I call it…a calling

Some of you know me by now: I'm Amanda, the editor of babe. I went to journalism school, worked in magazines, and now I write about whatever the fuck I want. One day, I dashed off a story about "how to scam idiot men out of money." In it, I talked about a kink I'd read about called financial domination.

These men (and sometimes women) get sexual pleasure out of being financially dominated by someone who more or less treats them like total shit. I had never actually done it before, only read about it. Then, a popular professional FinDom found my article and tweeted it, and tried to draaag me over it. But her thousands of dude followers started following me — and began DMing me, begging me to let them send me money. In the past two weeks, I've made about $1,000 dollars and I feel absolutely great about it.

Here's how it works

Like wanting to get choked or spanked or anything else, financial domination is a kink. For most guys who are into it, it's about the idea of a woman being so high above them (just like the song, y'all!) that they're desperate to serve us. They (correctly) think that men are disposable, women are goddesses, and they owe us compliments, money, and servitude. A lot of them are very self-loathing and want to be called ugly, loser, small-dicked, etc. And to reiterate, that's not weird. It's a kink like anything else. So as a financial dominatrix, it's my job to give these dudes what they want. And in return, I get what I want: mooooney!

I got pretty lucky starting out, tbh

I didn't seek this out. A bunch of guys came to me after my article went kind of viral. There were several men who didn't really want anything from me, they just wanted to send me small gifts or "tributes" ranging from $25-$50 just for being a woman online. But there are a few guys I've established something of a relationship with — I "own" them.

They message me compliments every day, pay me for photos of things like the shoes I'm wearing or flipping them off, and ask me to tell them things like "I'm going on a date with a real man, unlike you." It's a kink like anything else, and it just so happens to come with money. I think part of my immediate success came from the fact that I'm not a pro at this.

I use my real Twitter and my real name, which gives me a kind of girl-next-door appeal. Safety is always a concern, but I'm used to death threats from babe commenters like, every day. There is a lot of mutual trust involved with my regulars. Most of them are just normal guys with families and vanilla jobs. They trust me not to expose them (unless exposure is their kink) and I trust them not to track me down and murder me! Trust!

If you want to get into it, here's the deal

I'm lucky — I work in a field where this is never something I'd have to hide from an employer. I mean, I'm literally getting paid to write about it now. This is, to some extent, sex work in the sense that someone is getting sexual gratification via a service you provide. That said, it is totally legal. Tax wise, you can receive up to $14,000 a year as a gift before it has to be taxable. I can't see myself getting that much money, so it's not something I'm worried about — but it is something to keep in mind. For most people, having their real name and personal Twitter isn't feasible, so be smart about protecting yourself: Use a different name, a separate Venmo/PayPal/Google Wallet/Amazon Wishlist, whatever and only reveal what you're comfortable with the entire world knowing. Here's one of my payment app accounts from the past few days:

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This probably isn't something I'll do forever

Sexual confession time: In real life, I'm a total bottom. I like the men I date and hook up with to be hyper-masculine and take charge. But it is a nice change to have someone literally grovel and beg and pay $100 for a pic of my Adidas Superstars:

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If you're a paypig and want to pay up for this article

You know what to do, dudes: Google Wallet and Circle: [email protected] or @Amanda49 on Venmo. You know I deserve it.


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