Snapchat just saved all your secret nudes and leaked them into one big nudes gallery


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Snapchat just saved all your secret nudes and leaked them into one big nudes gallery

‘It started with karaoke and then I was naked’

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

1. All selfies look better on Snapchat

2. We LOVE end-of-year lookbacks

Remember how earlier this month, everyone was using that "Best Nine" site to pull their most popular Instagram pictures into a single square to get maximum attention online? Just like I'm doing now by posting mine below?

No pictures of Mouse made it into my top nine of 2017? Y’all fake.

A post shared by Amanda Ross (@itsamandaross) on Dec 11, 2017 at 10:39am PST

Well Snapchat did the exact same thing in the form of a video, but it's probably not one you'll want to post or even open in public. Well, maybe. Do you, girl. So you know how nothing you delete on Snapchat never really goes away?

Snapchat took all your saved photos, including your nudes and video nudes, and put them in one big end-of-year video gallery that you can find (and leak!) by tapping the memories button in the app:

And people are kind of freaking out, just like the time I accidentally put a tit pic on my story while drunk.

My friend Leah texted me in a panic over it, explaining ohhh so casually that she was enjoying a look back at selfies with friends and a night of karaoke when bam! it was just a whole bunch of naked pics.

The lesson here? Keep taking your nudes. The lighting is just better, you know? But maybe restrict that "year recap" feature. Some things are better left in 2017, pictures of your ass included.

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