Nick Cannon has a new Wild N Out game literally designed to make women feel weird


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Nick Cannon has a new Wild N Out game literally designed to make women feel weird

Have you noticed? For those of you who still watch, anyway

Over my (not long enough) winter break, I spent most of my time lazying on my parents' couch, rewatching old episodes of Dateline's 'To Catch a Predator', getting drunk on cheap vodka, and watching MGK's sexy ass rapping his lil white boy rap on Wild n' Out.

One thing I noted no one's caught wind of is that one of the games played on the show is a literal contest based on who can best sexually harass women. It's called "Let Me Holla." Aaaaand it's weird.

The whole purpose of the game is for a "Wild N Out" girl (aka popular Instagram hoe with mad followers) to display herself in the middle of the room. A member from each team takes their turn in "spitting their best game."

A lot of the pickup lines thrown at these girls are usually related to threesomes, dick-sucking and a lot of other sick sex jokes that make me cross the street to avoid men.

Some of the pick-up lines used in the game are actually funny, in that corny, creepy uncle kind of way, I guess, but most of them are sexually-charged and weird and I'm curious to know if anyone's checked these guys' background for sexual assault charges.

What kills my faith in humanity even moreso is the fact that even the women who play on the black and red squads are participating in the sexually assertive crap. I guess those checks from Nick really is enough to keep the gas and electric on.

I get that it's a new year and we all need to just chill the fuck out after the disastrous shit days of 2017, but games like these, no matter how light-hearted, is why no one leaves their drink alone at the bar. Just sayin'.