What your cuddling position says about you and your relationship


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What your cuddling position says about you and your relationship

Who’s spooning who?

Whether he likes it or not, his pre-programmed hyper-masculinity will keep him from admitting he wants to cuddle you.

So the only thing that says more about his feeling for you than his favorite sex position is how and where he allows you to snuggle and sweat on him following the act. Here's what your go-to cuddling position says about your relationship.

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Tangled mess

He's trying really hard to convince himself he wants to be in a relationship with you.

Originally he was in it for the sex, but now he thinks he kind of likes hanging out with you. He might even be butt-hurt to hear you're seeing someone else? He's still not sure on that one though. Either way, he's committed to biting the bullet and cuddling full-on for a few months before coming to a decision about whether or not it's working for him.

Expect some sort of big "conversation" to take place in two to three months.

Maximum boob contact

He's way less into you than you are into him.

Any guy who knows you'll allow him to sleep with his face nestled between ya titties is convinced you'll allow him to get away with murder. I know you think he might change his tune — might open those sleep-crusted eyes one bright morning and realize what he's been (figuratively) sleepin' on — but he won't.

He's the type of guy who leaves the eye-crust hanging about all day. Bet he doesn't offer a towel to wipe his jizz off you either, and when he reaches for his water, never thinks to offer you a sip.

Lying on top of each other

He thinks of you as his best friend, too.

You started out as pals (even though everyone knew it wouldn't last), and now you're that aggravatingly cute couple who holds hands in bars and smiles at each other across crowded spaces. Your friends miss you, but they're also kind of smug about the fact they were right.

He tells you he thinks of you whenever he sees certain paintings or hears certain songs and you both still laugh during sex and even more after.

FUCK you guys.

You spooning him

He wanted you to leave.

Even if things start out missionary, your sex never fails to end with him flipping you over and finishing on your ass before rolling over and pretending to sleep. If he won't look into your eyes while having sex, he doesn't want to look you in the eyes while cuddling — he actually doesn't want to cuddle at all.

He was hoping you'd get the hint and call an Uber without him asking but when you didn't, he collected as much of the comforter as he could muster and turned his back on you. Tomorrow morning he'll say he has plans "around 9."

Him spooning you

He's afraid you're not as into it.

You're that friend who's constantly exclaiming "I hate affection" or "I'm NOT a cuddle person" and you probably are — you just haven't found the right one yet. Of course, he's picked up on this "cold nature" of yours, and gets anxious when you turn your head before falling into slumber. So, he slides on over in an attempt to draw out emotions through forced human connection and it does nothing but turn you off more.

Either that or he's trying to bone again.

Lying on his chest

He's afraid he's going to fuck it up.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is comfortable sleeping on their back with a head making it hard for them to breathe. But, he knows if he rolls over or slides you off it'll wake you, or worse, you might take it the wrong way.

Either way, he's settled in for a long night and knows he's not getting a moment of shut eye. But if it means you might stick around until the morning he guesses he's okay with it. Try this if you're not sure where you stand — he'll either let you know, or he wont, so you'll know.

Face to face

He can't believe you're dating him.

If he's okay with your hot breath on his chin, and every time you open your eyes his eyes are already open, looking right back at you, he's moved out of the lust phase and into the love phase. Either that or he's planning to kill you, but if you've known each other for a while, it's probably the first one.

He still gets excited to show you off to his friends, and tells you you're pretty whether you're wearing a pound of makeup or none at all. You know he's fudging the truth, but you smile along anyway.

You've found a good one. For now.

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