Beyonce is weak for not leaving cheating-ass Jay-Z


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Beyonce is weak for not leaving cheating-ass Jay-Z

Bey isn’t the hero we all make her out to be

It's been a minute since Lemonade and 4:44 were trending topics on my Twitter feed and exposed all the tea inside hip-hop royalty's home. But I feel played and cheated on by Sasha Fierce herself for convincing me that not all men are absolute shit.

There's so much evidence that suggests Beyonce should've dipped on Jay-Z that I feel like she owes me money.

I love Bey, but staying with Jay after "the incident" makes her look real dumb, and I'm basically waiting for her to make a public apology for making everyone think she's a badass who actually leaves cheating men.

Literally, her entire career suggests she'll drop any man that "hoes out", but her decision to stay with him makes her an enabler for cheating men, and encouraging women to "stick it out."

Yonce's Mom was cheated on…by her dear old dad

Another ugly man cheating on a "way to good for you" woman

The girl already knows the struggles of dealing with a cheating man. Her daddy started it all. Back in the day, Matthew Knowles was getting it in around town but Bey's mama, Miss Tina Knowles, was having none of that bullshit, and got her coin from the (probable) pre-nup. So if your own mama can ditch her cheating hubby, why couldn't you?

'Me, Myself, and I' is now a bullshit anthem

  • Sooo…where should I start with this one? The entire "I'm happy with being alone" message is now a complete lie. Yeah, I get it, you have 3 kids now so that makes it harder to leave, but I think the queen can afford to hire a nanny or two (pretty sure she'd have one for each kid). Some of ya'll will claim that Beyonce doesn't write her own music, and while that may be true, she ultimately signed the dotted line to be a black woman scorned and convince us that it's trendy to be a single lady. What now though, Bey?

    And so is 'Irreplaceable'

  • Homegirl said "to the left, to the left" but bitch, I still see Jay right next to you on your Instagram feed. Beyonce's iconic "Irreplaceable" inspired millions of women who found themselves in dead-end relationships to learn self-respect and kick unfaithful pussy-eaters to the curb. But Bey isn't one to practice what she preaches, clearly.

    If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends and fam

  • The unforgettable elevator situation where lil sis Solange went off on Jay-Z — which we all predicted was about his cheating — went viral. I'm probably a bigger fan of Solange anyway for beating that ass right, and then dropping the realest album of the year, A Seat at the Table, to rep Black people going through the woes. Sorry B, but Solange kept it real from the jump.

    She's got not one, but two daughters who will definitely know about her dad's infidelity

    A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Dec 29, 2017 at 7:36pm PST

    As the whole family is, the music is out and that will forever be the receipts to the truth of her dad's cheating. That's not a family photo album (or visual album as the case may be) I'd like to revisit.

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