CONSPIRACY THEORY: Britney Spears is a clone, and I can prove it to you in fewer than 1,000 words


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CONSPIRACY THEORY: Britney Spears is a clone, and I can prove it to you in fewer than 1,000 words

Trust women when they tell you things

These things I know for certain: The moon landing was fake, Avril Lavigne is dead, and Britney Spears' clone, Myah Marie, replaced her just before her mental breakdown.

Seriously, there are a lot of plugged-in people — including myself — who are positive we left The Real Britney in 2008.

Britney was cloned in 2004 due to rumors

When photos surfaced of Britney and her back-up dancer Columbus Short hooking up while his wife was expecting her first child, Brit's team knew they needed to take action. She was the music industry's biggest cash cow with her multiplatinum albums, sold-out tours and white-hot fame. If anything were to happen to Britney, her record label and team would be out of big bucks. So they decided to clone her, and save her for a rainy day.

When the rumors died down, they put her clone back on ice

Eventually, when Short admitted to the affair and all of the rumors surrounding their "relationship" died down, Brit's clone was put back on ice. The thought of knowing her clone existed haunted Britney for years, and she tried to do something about it with her art.

That's when she started work on her album The Original Doll

2004 was the period of time during which Britney began work on an independent album she'd kept secret from her label. The album was called The Original Doll, and on it was a track called "Mona Lisa."

Britney was worried about what her management team might do with her clone in the future, since it had all the same abilities and face as her but she wasn't allowed to tell anyone.

In a song on the album she sings 'She’s been cloned'

"Mona Lisa" originally debuted at KIIS-FM on December 31, 2004 after Britney sneaked away from her team and played it without their permission. Since, it's been a major source of controversy.

  • Her team denied the album to the public

    Eventually, the whole album got canned, but on it were the lyrics "She’s the original, she's unforgettable, she wants you to know she's been cloned," so it's no wonder her team didn't want it going mega-vi. Now Britney's label claims this album doesn't exist and she was "never working on it."

    This takes us to the infamous meltdown of 2007

    Some blamed Britney's mental instability on fame, but there was no solid argument for why what happened actually happened. But imagine if you'd been cloned and couldn't tell anyone; her image in the public eye was one of morbid fascination.

    The studio wanted sexy, youthful and iconic — otherwise her career would tank, and she knew there was another one of her waiting in the wings.

    In January of 2008 when she was hospitalized (again) , they struck

    Right before she was placed in her second 72-hour psychiatric hold was the last time we saw The Real Britney. While in the hospital, she was replaced. They didn't want to risk the public questioning this new clone's existence (especially because of the Mona Lisa mess-up), so they gave us innocent Brit with her her next studio album, Blackout.

    But her clone, Myah Marie, didn't have the same voice. And people noticed

    That's why all of her concerts are lip-synced now — Myah Marie sings for the clone because she can't. And although to some she may sound the same, to the most dedicated of fans, she does not.

  • The studio even told the public about the cloning with the New Britney's music video for "Break The Ice."

    Fake Britney's 2009 video 'Break the Ice' shows her blowing up a cloning center

  • And, according to Donald Marshall – one of the leading conspiracy theorists in cloning – the tubes detailed in the video look “exactly” like the real tubes in a cloning center.

    In 2015, B.o.B. posted a series of tweets accusing the music industry of cloning

    The rapper claimed in a number of Tweets that celebrities were being cloned but at the time, people thought it was a joke between some DJs. “I swear I don’t want attention or money or fame no more, just to get the truth out,” B.o.B wrote in one.

    But after his tweet began attracting attention, conspiracy theorists started digging up the truth, and that's how we came to the realization we'd lost Real Britney.

    Now? All we have left is a Britney who tweets about her dog

    And kids who don't trust her man. But people love her anyway.


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