Radiohead is suing Lana Del Rey for ‘copying’ their only relevant song, and it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard


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Radiohead is suing Lana Del Rey for ‘copying’ their only relevant song, and it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

Desperate bid for relevance, IMO

Magnanimous queen Lana Del Rey took to Twitter on Sunday to confirm rumors that she is indeed being taken to court by English rock band Radiohead over similarities between her song Get Free and Radiohead's most famous song, Creep.

Really, Radiohead? Lana is generous enough to offer you 40 percent of the publishing but you demand it all? Sure, the songs do sound kind of similar, whether or not those similarities were intentional.

But let's not pretend this shit doesn't happen all the fucking time. From Ed Sheeran and TLC to Bruno Mars and Trinidad James (seriously), these pay-off scenarios are far from uncommon. So the fact that Radiohead is trying to make this a crusade or something is melodramatic as fuck.

I'm confused about whether or not this is supposed to be some kind of statement about song-stealing — because if so, Radiohead doesn't have a ton of ground to stand on, considering they had to settle with another band over Creep in the first place.

Does Radiohead need the money? They haven't released an album since 2016, but according to a lot of annoying men online they're "the most important band of our generation" or some shit so I'd be surprised if they're hard up for cash.

Plus, Radiohead frontman and the rest of the band hate Creep anyway — so much so that when asked to play the song in concert, Yorke called fans "anally retarded," which is both offensive and… weird.

You can only ride off the high of being in the Social Network trailer for so long, I guess?

In the end, Lana empowered a generation of women who wear liquid eyeliner and take glamorous pictures of themselves crying and Radiohead empowered a generation of men who think they're geniuses for listening to "classic rock" — a genre where women and people of color are *coincidentally* all but absent.

And besides, Lana has been charitable enough not to take Halsey to court for stealing her whole entire life, so I think it would be appropriate to cut her some fucking slack.