Your weekly horoscope is here and it’s all about your reinvention


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Your weekly horoscope is here and it’s all about your reinvention

How else will anyone notice you?

The first week of the year is behind us so we can finally stop stressing about slipping up on our New Year's resolutions. We've dug back into the Cheetos, cracked open a cold one with the gals, and honestly, things are looking up.

Dry January wasn't meant to be, but your ambitions still stand. And whether those ambitions include charming men into sending you money on Venmo, or leaving your phone home on a Saturday so you don't text Him, there are plenty of realistic resolutions you can put in place to make them a reality. Here's everything the stars have in store for you this week, featuring illustrations by Lucy Turnbull for babe.


You have a really great week in store as long as you're able turn all of the crazy energy coming your way into something productive and positive.

So many plans and ambitions can be extremely exhausting, but if anyone has the enthusiasm to face it head on, it's you, lil' ram. If you find a moment here or there, use it to recollect your thoughts and breathe because by the time the weekend rolls around, you'll want to refocus all that energy on your personal life and relationships and you'll need the stamina to do so.

Here's to a busy week of productivity, personal growth and a whole lot of caffeine. Just don't let yourself burn out.


Don't put pressure on a relationship that feels close to breaking. You may be frustrated with someone or something, but the worst way to handle it would be by snapping. Instead, find something else to distract your thoughts with.

Maybe it's reading something you've had on your shelf for months, getting into a new band, logging back into that Tumblr you've forgotten about or taking a long shower and leaving your phone in another room. Reflecting upon why something or someone is stressing you may lead you to realize it not one thing in particular but a whole bunch of things adding up. Don't open the can right now because it's shaken.

Think about why it's shaken instead.


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This week may be very a transformative one for you, but that also means you may experience some serious growing pains.

Don't allow pressure surrounding your work or people relying on you more to stress you out. They're only leaning on you because they're convinced you're capable of taking on new challenges.

You may want to go light on the social engagements and stick to a glass of red in bed, but it'll be worth it when you finally get to experience the fruits of your labor. With increased capability comes advanced responsibility. Just remember it's only gifted to those capable of handling it even if it feels like your head is under water.

Everyone recognizes your growth, even if they don't say it.


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So you're kind of annoyed this week, but what's new?

It's your own fault for waiting on people to change instead of forcing yourself to change instead. Keep your chin up, Crabby, because even if it seems like the ball is in someone else's court, it doesn't have to be.

Just because it's not a new month or a new year doesn't mean you can't take back control. You're super-emotional which means you're always trying to put the sensitivities of others before your own, but it's pretty obvious you've been doing that for too long.

By the end of the week you could feel like you've regained the upper-hand in some way.


You're all about that new-new lately. So sue you! You're bored of waiting around on your friends and family to keep up, and you're finally moving forward without them.

The harder you look, the more new experiences you'll find and the more you'll begin to realize it was others who were holding you back all along. It's not that the people who love you don't want you to be happy and have fun, but they may want you all to themselves. If they really love you, they'll be happy to see you growing in the way you deserve. And if they want to come along for the ride? That's their choice.

You don't owe anyone your entire self or all of your attention.


This is a perfect week for you to work on your personal brand.

Not necessarily because you need to or you're going to have to impress anyone any time soon, but because aren't we always at least a little concerned with impressing? There's something about taking tiny steps to recreate your own image that'll make any day or week feel more productive. Plus, there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to let people know you're doing fine without them. Change your room around, try out a new hair style or post something you usually wouldn't on your Instagram.

You'd be surprised to find out who's still watching.


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Stand your fucking ground this week because you're not here to play games anymore.

You're so sweet and so concerned with balance that you quiet yourself as a means of making other people comfortable. You're the one who'll laugh at someone else's shitty, kind-of-inappropriate joke just because you feel bad they made it in the first place. But not anymore. 2018 is the year of making sure people understand you're not going to let them walk all over you just because you were raised right and they weren't.

Delete their number or argue back this time — they won't see it coming at all.


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It's fun to have fun, but please tone it down this week.

You'll want to be level-headed about a number of decisions you have coming your way, and tequila just won't help with that. If you're stressed and going out to blow off steam, try isolating yourself instead.

It sounds fake, but you have a really hard time saying "no" when it comes to plans. Your friends know they can count on you to come out and buffer any situation, but you have a number of your own situations on the horizon. Put your focus on those instead of them, and I promise the good ones will forgive you.

Just because you have FOMO doesn't mean you have to act on it every single time.


If you're feeling frazzled this week it's because there are so many opportunities at your fingertips.

Sure it's all a bit overwhelming, but an adventurous spirit like yourself would be bored any other way. Get to bed early because you're going to want to be up with the sun, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Yeah, it feels shit when the alarm goes off, but it's better than letting your responsibilities pile up.

You'll want them all off your plate by this weekend so you can focus on navigating some sticky, tricky personal relationships instead. I suggest a face mask, a nice new outfit and a shot or two of tequila for confidence.


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Okay, this sounds cray, but this would be a really great week for you to scream! at! the! top! of! your! fucking! lungs!

You're so focused on what's "right," you forget you're allowed to have feelings. Repeat after me: HE AIN'T SHIT. Repeat after me: IT'S NOT FAIR. Repeat after me: I DESERVE BETTER. Repeat after me: I'M GOING TO GET IT.

Stop stuffing your problems under the rug just because you feel like they're a bit inconvenient to deal with. If everyone else is going to attack things with a selfish agenda all the time, maybe it's time you do, too. Color your hair, get a piercing or just allow yourself to feel for a fucking second. There's a reason people do it.

It feels good to let go.


Pause! Stop running from your past for a moment.

Maybe you don't even realize you're doing it, but you are. You've changed so much and come so far, you're often worried about people knowing what you were like before. But that's a twisted, stressful way to live unless you're okay with leading two lives. Besides, it always catches up to you in the end. Do you even believe in Karma? If it's a relationship from your past you've been avoiding facing head on, you can't let go of it until you've let go of your denial, too.

It's impossible to build a new foundation on a rocky, old surface — you're just setting yourself up for failure.


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Stop tiptoeing around other people because you're worried about hurting them.

Just because you can be fragile and emotional doesn't mean they are, and they certainly aren't concerned about your feelings. It's a harsh reality, but you always put others' feelings before your own and eventually they're going to pass you. It's like all you ever do it lift people up, just for them to jump ahead. But that doesn't have to be the case. It doesn't mean you need to be harsh or drop people because they're relying on you, but it does mean you should distance yourself a bit.

If they don't understand, then fuck 'em.