Here’s how you’ll meet The One based on your star sign


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Here’s how you’ll meet The One based on your star sign

You’ll never catch me with a Sag

Whether you're ready to meet The One now or you're cool spending a few more years figuring out how to love yourself first, your star sign says a lot about the way you give and take when it comes to love — and even more about the lens through which you experience it all.

Here's how you'll meet the one based on your sign:


Not only do you have hyper-unrealistic expectations when it comes to love, but when you fall, you fall hard and fast. You're known for your impulsivity in all other aspects of your life, but finding an SO is one of those, too — think Taylor Swift.

Wedding Pinterest boards are a secret obsession of yours, the last time you were fucking someone you came up with your wedding hashtag and whenever you get dumped it's like a beloved pet or family member has died even though you only went on four dates (Okay, it was three and a half).

Because you're so calculating, you're likely to meet your Person in exactly the kind of place it feels like we're meant to fall in love: a hotel bar, a coffee shop, maybe even a concert. Kind of like a music video, the two of you will match eyes under the light — your song playing in the background — and you'll know it's meant to be because you've been planning for this moment your entire life. They don't need to know that, though.


Your loyal heart may feel like detriment to you now, but you'll be glad for it in the future.

Breakup after breakup after breakup, you kind of keep making the same stupid mistakes — but it's endearing. Besides, it's not your fault you trust people when they tell you things. You have an impossibly hard time following all the instructions in Dua Lipa's " New Rules," you actively enjoy listening to songs that make you cry, and your idea of a perfect date is all cozied up in the candlelit corner of some grungy dive-bar.

You'll meet the one when they send you a letter, like a real letter, or slip a note onto your desk telling you they can't stop thinking about you. They'll call you just because they want to hear your voice, and they'll never let you go to bed angry. You're not a grand gesture kind of girl, and you don't expect anyone to take you on some fancy, expensive date to prove they love you. You'll ultimately be won over by words, because you believe people when they tell you how they feel.


The energizer bunny of the zodiac, you're most likely to meet your SO on a night out with friends.

You can be a bit shy about striking up conversations with new people and small-talk has never been your strong-suit, but everyone seems to trust you quickly and want to chat to you. Plus, if anyone knows how to go with the flow, it's you and your quick wit and ability to spin almost any random conversation into a joke.

Whether it's birthday drinks with friends or a warehouse party on New Year's Eve, there's something about you that gets people off their barstool and onto the dance floor. Either way, it'll likely be a romantic story full of tequila shots, glitter and boozy street kisses that you'll have to tone down for the family in the future — and especially your kids. "Yeah, we just met at a chill little house party."


You've probably already met The One and you don't even realize it, because the slightest mixup can put you on the defense.

Cancers are "natural home-bodies." And even though nobody's ever described you as one of those, that's because home for you is probably a person. You've kept some form of a journal your whole life, even if it's just in your head, you can differentiate the years by who you were crushing on at the time and your friends have a hard time remembering which names are "just old friends" and which are people you've legitimately dated.

Because the line between friendship and romance can be so hard to cross, it's possible it hasn't occurred to you yet. But that person who calls you at 2 a.m. to tell you about a meme they just saw or ask you about the last book you read is probably the same person you're going to fall in love with one day. Lucky you! Landing your best friend.


You'll meet The One after realizing that "one-night stand" was meant to last waaaay longer than one night.

You're quick to write off anything that feels like a potential romance because you're afraid of getting hurt, but that's like swiping left on every single person because "chances are it won't work anyway." Whenever you drink too much with your friends, you're the first one preaching about how dating is pointless because you either end up hating each other or stuck together forever — but you're not as cynical as you lead everyone to believe.

Eventually, one of these "flings" will stick with you, and you'll start panicking because you won't know how to shake them. And then, one day, you'll stop panicking because you'll realize you don't actually want to shake them. You kind of like this one . . . or something. Just don't let any of your friends know you caught feelings. In this house, we only catch flights.


You're tired of everyone telling you you're such a nerd, nerd.

Nobody is saying you have to meet the love of your life at a Star Trek convention, but you'll probably meet them doing something you geek out about, even if that's strolling through the museum or hitting a tiny concert for a band literally nobody else gives a single shit about. You're intellectual but in a cool, artsy way — kind of like that girl in Murder House.

People have a hard time putting a thumb on you. It's like you're unapproachable but not in a weird, anti-social kind of way. It's more like they're intimidated by the fact you probably know a lot more about their "favorite" things than they do, so instead they pine quietly from afar. But put your camera down for a moment, back away from what's consuming you, and there they'll be, looking at you like you're the art.


You'll probably meet The One at work.

I know, it sounds like such a typical trope, but you're honestly too busy to look for a relationship anywhere else. And why bother? You've surrounded yourself with successful people who are as focused on their career as you, and you'd certainly rather date a control freak than a bum.

Just because everyone else is out here droning on about "true love" or fantasizing about running off with the person of their dreams doesn't mean you have to. Some of us have reality to deal with! You've always put yourself first and you're not about to let some random change that. But if they're willing to come along for the ride, then you'll at least consider letting them sit passenger. I just hope they know you speed.


When you meet The One, it'll feel like a spiritual connection — like your whole life you've been one half seeking this other half, and now you're whole.

There's something psychic about Scorpios and they know almost immediately who's good for them and who's not. Now imagine how good it'll feel when you actually meet The One. All your past relationships will melt away and you'll wonder why you ever bothered with anyone else when it could feel this damn good.

You'll probably be doing something to enhance the mind or body like practicing meditation, strolling outside or lying in the grass listening to a song you love when they just can't stop themselves from interrupting you because they've been looking for you their whole life, too.


Always concerned with seeking the truth, you'll meet the one while engaging in some sort of annoyingly intellectual pursuit.

We get it! You're smarter and more determined than everyone else, but that's just because you haven't met your match. Whether you're traveling somewhere new to learn about the culture, perusing a bookshop in search of something you haven't already read or exploring the halls of an an exhibit you've been dying to see, you'll know you've met The One when you realize they're the only other one there.

It'll all feel kind of Gatsby-esque. Expect a lot of dinner parties with nothing but talk of scotch and philosophy, and long nights up arguing over who's *actually right.* The two of you will be extremely happy discussing things literally nobody else understands (or cares about) for the rest of your life.


You'll meet The One when you spot them, decide they're The One and then march up to them and tell them.

You've basically always know what you've wanted, so why should that be any different in love? You're confident, you're funny as hell and anybody would be lucky to date you (or at least that's what you've convinced yourself). So there's no reason to worry about "convincing" anyone. If they're not into your forward nature, or if they're taken-aback, they were never going to be able to handle you anyway.

Finding love is kind of like going out to dinner. Why waste your time and money trying out anything else, when you already know you want the steak and fries?


Stick with me here, but you're going to meet The One . . . on an actual date.

You're not really sure why everyone keeps talking about "love" like it's some feeling that can't be defined, because you've always seen it as a mutual agreement between two consenting adults willing to commit even when the going gets rough. Not as some tingly feeling you may or may not get in the pit of your stomach when you see them across the room. But whatever.

You've never understood online dating either, but it does seem useful in weeding out the lunatics. Plus, the more dates you go on, the more information you can collect about what you do and don't like. And there's nothing better than information, because info is power. Either way, you'll go on a date with this person, you'll enjoy it, and then you'll kind of just keep doing it again and again until you realize you never want to go on one with anyone else.


You're going to meet The One after realizing you've been with The Wrong One for a really long time.

You're emotional and there's something about relationships, even if they're not quite right, that inspire you. You love getting to know other people by spending time with them and listening to their songs and watching their favorite shows. But sometimes you forget you're just as interesting as everybody else — if not more. So, when you finally meet someone who's as interested in your mind as you are in everyone else's, you'll realize you've only ever experienced half-love.

Of course, you won't regret your experiences because you became a more rounded person through them, but it'll feel like a weight listed off your shoulders finding someone who's also been giving too much of themselves for too long.