Kylie and Khloé have a fake-pregnancy pact, and they’re tricking us all


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Kylie and Khloé have a fake-pregnancy pact, and they’re tricking us all

It’s all about the brand

I know this sounds like a fucking Glee plot-line, but the conspirators of the internet have spoken and for once they're absolutely right.

So we know Kim is pregnant with a surrogate, and everyone's losing it over the announcement of Khloé's pregnancy, but we're still a bit blurry about the whole Kylie thing.

Originally, we thought she was hiding because she'd already given birth, but a new theory has us thinking: What if it isn't Kylie's pregnancy that should be in question at all? What if it's Khloé's? Khloe and Kylie's fake pregnancy is tearing this nation apart!

Kylie isn’t showing her face because she's pregnant

This bit of our old theory still stands: Kylie either is or was pregnant at some point, and wants to remain out of the public eye. However, we all assumed she'd eventually grace us with an Instagram announcement, and now we're not so sure anymore.

Khloe is faking her pregnancy so Kylie can give her the baby

Sure, we've seen pics, but in the actual pregnancy announcement there are no faces, and in every other pic she could easily be wearing some kind of body suit or baby bump. Or some recently-consumed Chipotle.

Once Kylie has her baby, she'll give it to Khloé instead of caring for the child herself. It makes sense, especially when you consider all the trouble Khloé has had conceiving in the past. In 2017 Khloé revealed a fertility doctor told her she may not be able to get pregnant because she has fewer follicles, which hold eggs, than other women her age,

So if Kylie were able to conceive, but wasn't ready to care for a child, why not care for hers?

Once it's born, it'll be like Kylie never got pregnant

Y'ALL JUST WAIIIIIIIIIIT. This family has been hiding so much from us for so long. What's another little smudging of the lines along the way going to change? Kylie will reappear like she's been on vacation or a social media hiatus or something, and everything will go back to the way it was before the KarJenner pregnancy "rumors" shook our collective world.

It's all a scam to up Khloé's workout fitness brand

After "having her kid", Khloé will go back to looking amazing in a snap (because she was never actually pregnant and never actually had a kid), and suddenly everyone will be obsessed with her workout/ fitness brand.

Why do you think she made that big deal last week about her family calling her fat once? She's strategically placing her brand back on the map; it's literally Revenge Body 2.0 except people will actually watch this time.

Kylie will get to maintain her fun, youthful image

This'll be good for Kylie's brand as well. The rumored pregnancy has brought so much attention to the star, and this way the baby will be able to stay in the family but Kylie will get to maintain her youthful image, and won't get shit for being pregnant at 20. Plus, Kylie always said she never wanted a kid with Tyga and the child is definitely his, not Travis Scott's as we've been led to believe.

Really, it's a win-win, and even thought it may sound like a bit of a stretch, would you expect anything else from Kris?