Someone accused Chrissy Teigen of mocking the #TimesUp movement and failed… miserably


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Someone accused Chrissy Teigen of mocking the #TimesUp movement and failed… miserably

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On Saturday night, Chrissy Teigen wore a floor-length, champagne-colored dress to an event called the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala.

The next night, she stayed home from the Golden Globes and made tacos with John Legend instead.

For one blonde woman with a YouTube channel, this was a huge fucking deal — and apparently, it was sufficient evidence to claim that Chrissy doesn't support women because she didn't wear black while she skipped the Golden Globes and cooked food with her husband.

But first, she falsely identified pictures Chrissy posted to her Instagram account as her Golden Globes look — a fact easily refuted by anyone who has internet access or eyes.

But the thing is, Chrissy has been far from silent when it comes to sexual assault. She was one of the most prominent celebrities calling for women to boycott Twitter when Rose McGowan got banned, and even though that was kind of dumb it definitely demonstrates that she's comfortable using her celebrity to deal with issues she obviously cares about. She's not shy.

Chrissy shut the "comedian" down pretty quickly, and way more nicely than anyone on the babe staff would have.

Because it is pretty obvious that this is an actual, extremely desperate bid for attention by a woman whose most popular "joke" is a 6-minute video making fun of fat people. Comedy gold! Definitely some original shit that I'm not even gonna dignify with a link.

When you come at the Twitter Queen (because honestly, Chrissy is the only mega-celebrity with a bearable "funny" Twitter), you best not miss.