I made $40,000 selling my eggs — here’s what the entire process is like


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I made $40,000 selling my eggs — here’s what the entire process is like

It’s actually not that scary

Thanks to the Internet, there are seemingly unlimited ways for a girl tight on cash to make some money. Stripping to get through an unpaid internship and seeking out paypigs on Twitter are just some of the unconventional ways women have earned an "alternative" source of income.

In the case of one girl, who has chosen to remain nameless, she decided to sell her eggs to infertile couples. In fact, she went through the process four separate times. Here's everything you need to know, with answers edited to length and clarity:

Q: What gave you the idea to sell your eggs?

A: What brought on the idea was that a family member was unable to get pregnant. I’m in the healthcare field — women’s health — and therefore I’ve been familiar with alternative reproductive medicine for some time. It was wanting to give women and families the opportunity to have a child.

Q: What did your family and friends think about it when you told them?

A: My family and friends were supportive. I was very open about the process after explaining that the child would not look like me or act like me or have any similar genetic makeup. The egg simply acts as a foundation for the pregnancy.

Q: What were some of the things the program requested of you?

A: I had an extremely extensive application along with an interview, but I also went through medical, psychological, and genetic testing. I was accepted into the program and well-informed about the entire process. You are the sun in their program, and they treat you extremely well.

Q: How well did the company compensate you?

A: The compensation is generous in New York State with a salary of $10,000. Taxes are applied and you get paid about 2 weeks after the retrieval. I made $40,000 in total.

Q: Was there a minimum number of eggs you had to contribute?

A: There’s no egg requirement. They take what your body produces.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: The program is fairly time-consuming, but it works well around business schedules and school hours because the appointments are in the morning. They give you a solid schedule in the beginning, and the actual process only takes about 14 days total. You start on a specific medication and the process ends with the actual egg retrieval.

Q: How did your body change?

A: Your body can feel like you have menstrual cramps while on the medication, but no other changes besides that. And it doesn’t cause any side effects besides cramping because your body is producing more eggs in the follicles than it’s normally used to. The medication acts as a stimulant that heightens what your body does normally to retrieve more eggs.

Q: Do you think this is an easy process for any girls who wants to try it?

A: I would recommend it to girls if you need money. It can be time-consuming during the actual process throughout the two weeks, but it can be done for sure. It’s a good thing to do and feels amazing to help people and be compensated generously for it.

You’re helping someone have a family and it’s an amazing feeling! It is a long application process, but once you’re in, it’s no longer a process and goes quite quickly. You also build a good relationship with the nurse practitioners.