This document exposing thousands of university sexual abuse allegations surfaced, and your college is probably on it


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This document exposing thousands of university sexual abuse allegations surfaced, and your college is probably on it

You can even add your own experience

More than 2000 college women have spoken out with their stories of sexual harassment and assault, and uploaded them into this public Google Doc.

Students and professors reported their anonymous experiences of sexual abuse in a doc called "Sexual Harassment In the Academy." It was created last month in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, and exposes painful details of abuse at top schools.

Like this one, from Columbia:

"Touched repeatedly in a professor's office. He asked if I wanted to go out for a drink that night or any future night. He suggested regular meetings in the evening in his office or out for drinks. When I declined these invitations, he gave me a C on a term paper. The other professor of the class (it was a team-taught class) reversed the grade when I showed him the paper. I did not tell the other professor what had transpired."

The doc is filled with stories like that, and it continues to grow.

Breaking down the stats with the help of our data analyst Matt Pencer, we found more than 57 percent of incidents reported involved a professor abusing their position of power on a younger student.

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A further 20 percent of incidents happened among graduate students, while almost 15 percent involved a TA.

We have simplified the categories due to the huge range of perpetrators listed on the doc. It's worth adding that our breakdown doesn't show the complete picture of the stats, for example not all of the 2000+ entries specify at which school incidents occurred.

Looking at the colleges with the highest number of incidents, the top 25 feature big-name schools like UC Berkeley, Yale and NYU.

The creator of the document, Karen Kelsky, said she found the response to her survey "completely overwhelming."

She wrote on her her blog that she set it up "to provide a place for women to share their stories without fear of censorship or judgment, to know they are not alone, and to find strength in numbers and a foundation from which to recover and perhaps take action."

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