White people loooove to feel oppressed about not getting to say the n-word


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White people loooove to feel oppressed about not getting to say the n-word

It’s just a taste of what minorities face every day

I always find it funny when the very people who created the trigger word to oppress black people now makes headlines whenever caught using it. Some call it irony, I call it good ol' karma. The one time white people are systemically restricted (by a word) they like to consider themselves "oppressed."

Any person of color—particularly black—who finds themselves fighting a racial battle online over who's qualified to say it just validates the fact even more that white people seem to want to be oppressed.

I really just think that there's a lot of white guilt going around and the whole notion that "it's racist if you don't let us say it" is just faking a way for someone to feel bad for your white-privileged ass.

To me, the n-word is the only so-called "black privilege" that exists for my people, and it's not even a good privilege to have. It's really nothing but an ancient, foul-ass word to be used overall. But unfortunately, it's all us niggas got that they don't. And for some, I secretly think it eats away at them like this guy:

"When white people realize they can't have something they started"

But honestly, if I had the chance to one day leave my house without thoughts of potentially going to prison for life for carrying two joints in my pocket or subconsciously wondering "is this the day I get mistaken for some other black person and end up with a bullet in my head?" I may actually get a good night's rest.

Even the most notorious cultural appropriator of appropriators, Rachel Dolezal, is the epitome of willingly choosing oppression. Unfortunately for her, doing more stupid shit like selling 'Coolest Prince in the Hood' sweatshirts to protest H&M is a reminder to us all that she's still a white woman playing dress up in black culture.

I'll never really know when the n-word will just fucking die already like the other whack words our parents used to use, but I'm pretty sure it won't be extinct in my lifetime. And even when (if?) it dies, no — you still can't say it.

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