Period-trapping is the only way to find out if you’re in a relationship or not


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Period-trapping is the only way to find out if you’re in a relationship or not

Without just asking

We've thirst-trapped, hurt-trapped, and acted like straight up hoes on our soon-to-expire Instagram stories, but there's a new kind of trapping that'll be more helpful in determining your relationship status, and it's called period-trapping.

In many cases (all cases), they won't be the one to define what ya'll are doing together, fucking like rabbits and actually watching the film on movie night. And because asking them the status of your relationship is absolutely out of the question, this tactic will be your most successful.

Thirst-trap them before disclosing you're on your period

Revealing to them that your pussy is in Red Sea territory will be the determining factor for finding out if they're just hoeing it out with you, or if they're actually interested in quality time.

I've tried the method, and it works

There was one time in particular where I knew for a fact a guy was ready to seal the deal with me. We were talking consistently in the beginning (I assumed he had no friends), getting good and nasty in the bedroom and had great debates on Kanye v. Kendrick.

It'd been a few months since we'd been fucking with each other exclusively, but I still couldn't assume that meant an official "bf/gf" order would come into play. So, we chilled out on the texting for a bit and I stopped driving myself insane with the wondering long enough to devise my plan.

When I finally sent him the very picture at the top of this article to get his attention, he asked "is that for me?" I simply responded with confusion and a "Idk. Is it?" He wanted to come over right then and there. Told you he had no friends.

That's when you tell them you're 'off duty'

I let him know that the sex office was closed because I was on my period, but that if he were a "good boyfriend" he'd come and see me anyway. Surely enough, he didn't care, claimed me as his girl and we ended up re-watching the entire Harry Potter series on HBO GO.

Not all guys are total dickweeds who immediately go soft on you and skip chasing your waterfalls, but I was able to clarify our relationship status without being the "psycho girlfriend" (who's not yet a girlfriend), and I damn sure did it without having to do the smart thing and just ask. Where they do that at?

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