Kylie Jenner might be in labor and the memes are WILD


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Kylie Jenner might be in labor and the memes are WILD

Is it finally happening??!!!

Kylie Jenner WOULD go into labor at 5 pm EST on a Friday.

After months of scouring Twitter for clues our favorite Jenner (sorry Ken) is pregnant, the star checked into Cedars Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills earlier today, according to Perez.

This is better than when Nicki 'broke the internet'

While nothing's been confirmed, this "screenshot from her alleged baby daddy," Travis Scott, telling her he's on his way, is turning heads. And while it cooooould just be an old screenshot, we're still intrigued. And we love drama.

Maybe just a really long flight?

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But with Kim's surrogate ready to pop any day now, one thing is for sure: Kris is working harder than ever.

Either way, I'm just here for the chaos!!!!!! (And the memes.)

Do you think she ever went undercover in one of those mom FB groups? Asking questions like "I just went to the bathroom and wiped. There was a lot of discharge on the toilet paper. Should I go to the hospital? Am I in labor?"

I hope so.


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