Let’s pause Camila Cabello’s new album and look back at her racist past, OK?


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Let’s pause Camila Cabello’s new album and look back at her racist past, OK?

Please go back to Harmonizing…if they let you, anyway

Girl groups have almost always been pretty dope. They exude girl power, act as great wall art for pre-teens, and exemplify that group projects don't always have go to complete shit. However, I could never get on the Fifth, Fourth, or Third Harmony (whatever) bandwagon. I don't know if it's because I think the Spice Girls already did it, the music is unrelatable to me, or that Instagram model Camila Cabello is trying to pull a Beyonce breakout. She's anything but Sasha Fierce and I'm hoping she'll beg for her spot back in the group.

First of all, I feel a bit bad for the girl as she's had to include an underscore in her Instagram handle. You and I both know that searching any handle that requires having to press the shift button for a symbol is mad work, and you're just not that important enough for me to be doing all that extra shit. But my empathy pretty much ends there.

People have been debating whether or not she's a racist

Before we get into the hard slurs, we can take a look at coded racist language she's used on Twitter:

Like this time she tweeted calling her Polynesian bandmate "ghetto fabulous":

Here are screenshots of her using the n-word on Insta:

Remember when people on Twitter alleged that Camila had a One Direction Twitter account called 'ratchet and sassy', which spewed out a shit ton of racist remarks? Everyone on Twitter still debates to this day whether or not it was really her behind the Harry Styles profile pic.

Some of her fans even backed these racist allegations by taking shots at Normani on Twitter. Needless to say, Camila never addressed or checked any of them. But it's 2018, who actually takes initiative to do the honorable thing and accept responsibility anyway, right?

Her music is as generic as everything else on the top 40 charts

The three previews she teased on her Instagram before the album dropped was underwhelming as fuck. And now after listening to the entire album, I'm pretty sure she's not aiming for the Grammy's best new artist award. Tracks like 'All These Years' and 'She Loves Control' are literally just a couple hums and runs with background beats that were probably already presented to and passed on by Prince Royce. The album is commercial as fuck and enough to make her a shit load of money (as that's all anyone seems to really care about when defending an artist), but as far as actual talent goes, I've heard much better from nobody's on YouTube.

She also claimed her former bandmates knew of her departure from the group.

I typically can't imagine someone leaving a successful music career unnanounced, but remember, Fifth Harmony was a group that was slabbed together by Simon Cowell when none of the girls were good enough to stand alone and be solo performers when auditioning for The X-Factor in the first damn place.

Ya'll needed each other then, and you'll most definitely need each other later on in order to stay relevant for the rest of your careers. Let the dragging commence!

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