A list of outlets who picked up Grace’s story


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A list of outlets who picked up Grace’s story

‘It’s a conversation worth having’

On Saturday evening, we published a woman's account of her night with Aziz Ansari. The story was published for two reasons: first of all, it's newsworthy that a guy who spent his career being the Loudest Feminist In The Room is accused of behaving a very different way in private. But it's important for another reason. This story sparks conversation. While some very clearly see Grace's account as a sexual violation, some see a moral and legal grey area. Some don't think it belongs in the #MeToo movement. Some called the most important part of the conversation precisely because it's so common.

Here's a list of coverage and think pieces about the original story:

1. CBS This morning

2. CNN

3. NBC

4. BBC

5. Washington Post

6. Guardian

7. Independent

8. Daily Beast

9. LA Times

10. Vanity Fair

11. Teen Vogue

12. Nylon

13. Refinery29

14. Complex

15. Mashable

16. TMZ

17. Pitchfork

18. Vulture

19. Fox News

20. Bloomberg

21. Broadly

22. The AV Club

23. Newsweek

24. The Cut