No, Kylie isn’t ‘trolling’ us by hiding her rumored pregnancy — you guys are just evil


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No, Kylie isn’t ‘trolling’ us by hiding her rumored pregnancy — you guys are just evil

And Kris isn’t trolling us either, thanks!

When you Google Kylie Jenner's rumored pregnancy, the first articles that pop up suggest she's trolling the world with the help of her mother, Kris. That, or it's jus breathless gossip obsessing over a baby bump which people may or may not have seen.

Everywhere you click (here included, admittedly), there is a new rumor or conspiracy theory about her body. Teen Vogue editor De Elizabeth writes Kylie Jenner is constantly body-policed by a society that forgets "at the end of the day, celebrities' lives — and bodies — are their own, despite the fact that they share so much of them with us."

I think Kylie's hiding from the press because she knows all too well the personal fallout of body policing: anxiety, low self-esteem, and just a general shitty feeling from having everyone looking at you all the time. I mean, think about it, Kylie has always struggled with body image. She revealed she got lip injections because she was self-conscious about her mouth. And according to People, Kylie has reportedly "always been insecure that she’s not as curvy or pretty as her sisters" and is even more self-conscious about her pregnant body.

She's also watched her so-called "prettier" sisters go through similar struggles. Kendall is so anxious she has to stay off social media. Kim thought being pregnant was the "worst experience of her life" because of how she was made to feel about her body.

Most of us would fucking die to look like any of the Kardashians — especially normal Kylie — with her hourglass figure and just generally pretty aura. But she has been consistently led to believe she's not enough even when she looks like this in a bikini.


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Fear of public scrutiny seems like a good reason for her to hide a pregnancy. You know how you go on a first date and the guy doesn't text you back, and you say "Oh well, he didn't fucking know me!" That seems like what Kylie is doing here. We don't see her pregnant body, so we can't comment on it. And if we can't comment on it, we can't make her feel how Kim felt pregnant. As a girl who has always been sensitive and self-conscious, Kylie seems to be doing what's best for her.

Scrutinizing Kylie for hiding her body is a step away from scrutinizing her actual body, but still isn't acceptable. She's not trolling us. She's protecting her body and her privacy. She has no obligation to do anything but what is right for her. And Kris is likely protecting her too. We all know the only thing Kris Jenner loves more than her brand is her kids. I'm glad she's there to tell Kylie to do whatever she needs to do.