Your weekly horoscope is here and you’re going to want to be…prepared


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Your weekly horoscope is here and you’re going to want to be…prepared

Rather know than not know

I read somewhere the other day that the end of January is the best time to dump your boyfriend. And all I want to say is I don't have a boyfriend, but I agree! For the rest of us, maybe it's time we dump something else, like our addiction to tequila or Amazon Prime.

It'll take self-restraint, but at least it's a distraction in these dreary days leading up to V Day. Here's everything the stars have in store for you, featuring illustrations by Lucy Turnbull for babe.


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This week, you need to pamper yourself more than usual. The past few weeks have been an absolute fucking whirlwind and you can only handle so much before it all catches up to you and you end up accidentally snapping over something minor. Not that you've ever done that or anything. You came into January like a storm, determined to take on every last challenge and really prove yourself — but you've already done that. Besides, you're only human. Take a "sick" day off work, sleep in instead of going to that SoulCycle class, or treat yourself to a shopping-spree you'd usually feel guilty over. It's impossible to feel guilty when someone else tells you you deserve it.


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Lil' bull, lately you've feel like you've been leading a very different life privately than publicly, but I promise you're not crazy. You're just going through a transitional period. One half of you might be feeling determined to grow up and start taking things more seriously while the other half of you feels trapped — but that's because you're not allowing yourself to look further than the day-to-day. Think about two months from now, or even two years. Think about where you want to be, what you want to be doing, and what kind of title you want to have. It'll make it a lot easier to determine what small changes you can make to get there.


As an air sign, you're hyper intellectual and like to make sure everybody knows it. But maybe you've been trying to intellectualize too much instead of allowing your emotions to guide you from time to time. It can be scary allowing your heart to choose over your head but in many ways, it's almost always a risk worth taking. Instead of thinking about what's correct, what'll look good to others or what makes the most sense, think about what it is that makes you feel. You know, makes your stomach churn and heart flutter? Spontaneity has to be learned, though, so don't worry — you can still be nerdy about it at the same time.


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You've been having a lot of conversations lately around what you think you should be doing versus what you actually want to do and that can be absolutely exhausting. There's still so much life ahead of you which means you don't have to decide, even if it feels like the clock is ticking faster than ever. You're still going to do a lot of things and date a lot of people and no matter what happens, you'll come out fine in the end. Just because your friends and family have opinions about your actions doesn't mean they should outweigh your own. Take some time to measure what it is that makes you happy and then act on that instead, because you're the only one who has to actually live with it.


I bet your head and back hurt. You've let your stress get the worst of you lately, but it's not your fault! People are constantly expecting so much from you that the only way to stomach it all is by internalizing it. But you know just as well as I do that it's not healthy to internalize, and it'll eventually end up boiling over. This week would be a good week for you to carve out alone time for yourself. Or, if you can't, at least put your phone on do not disturb while you're sleeping. Being there for people when they need you can feel like an addiction, but sometimes you need someone, too. You don't owe a piece of yourself to every single person you come across.


There are tricky aspects of your life you've been ignoring lately, choosing to focus on the good instead. But the longer you sit on personal issues, the faster they get out of control. Just because you don't want to think about something or someone doesn't mean you shouldn't, and that doesn't mean it has to be stressful when you finally do. Think of everything in your life like a To-Do list, and then before doing anything else, worry about crossing off the tasks you want to do least. You'll feel so much better without the weight of it on your shoulders, and maybe able to actually enjoy all the other stuff.


Stop. Breathe. Calm down. Let your shoulders relax. You cannot win every argument and that is OK. I know you're stubborn and I also know you're probably right, but you've never been great at understanding which battles to pick and which to let go, so I'll help. This week would be a perfect week for you to let go. If that means waiting a few days to message someone back or deleting a few apps because they're causing you stress, then bite the bullet and fucking do it. Being plugged in all the time is really toxic and it's making you so much more anxious than you need to be.


Lately you've been operating at 220 percent and you are absolutely burnt the fuck out. I'm literally exhausted writing this so I don't know how you're reading it. Just because it's January and just because it's all "New year, new me!" does not mean you need to run yourself into the ground for other people. You're making yourself less useful to others by doing so, and it's going to end in you being sick. Stop somewhere on the way home, buy some vitamins and get into bed at 7 pm. If people get annoyed at you for taking a breather, it means they don't care about your mental or emotional stability.


You're so concerned with other people's opinion of you that you forget how it is you want yourself to be perceived in the first place. Just because you want to look good for him, and you want to be smart for her and seem funny for them doesn't mean it's worth shattering your already-whole self into a million and one pieces. Why are you giving a shard of yourself to everyone instead of allowing the people who like you they way you are to love you that way? Nobody cares what your grid looks like on Insta, or who re-tweeted you last night — we all only ever look at our own feeds anyway.


You're anxious this week, but you're not exactly sure why. No major shifts or changes have taken place in the last few days, but sometimes it's the little things that stress us the most — sleeping through an alarm, stressful commutes, crowded spaces. You'd benefit this week from treating yourself as if you're more fragile than usual. Don't worry, nothing is going to snap or break, but feeling emotionally stable is basically more important than anything else right now. Go on a walk, breathe in some fresh air and lay off the caffeine. Guarantee you'll feel a lot less panicky in a few days.


Telling everyone to fuck off is the name of the game this week. You're such a people-pleaser you often stretch yourself as a means of making sure everyone but you is content, but please stop because you're stressing even me out. Order a shit ton off food on Seamless, binge the worst show on Netflix (I suggest The End of the F***ing World) and drink as much shitty beer as you want. Coping is only bad when you don't deserve it and this week, you deserve it more than anyone else. Fuck it, by yourself some makeup while you're at it, and throw in a new outfit. Do whatever the hell you want!


You've been really insecure about one thing this week, but there are actual steps you can take to make yourself feel better about it all. It's tempting to think the fates are the only thing at play, but shit, it's 2018 and you're up to bat. I know this is going to sound counterintuitive, but ignore it. The step I am asking you to take is to literally pretend the thing you're insecure about doesn't exist. Worry about other things — throw yourself into work, try getting into a new artist or author — and the problem with resolve itself in your favor. Everyone loves a busy woman.