White Alabama freshman expelled for n-word rant says she’ll ‘never say it again’


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White Alabama freshman expelled for n-word rant says she’ll ‘never say it again’

‘I did this to myself. It’s my fault, I deserve it’

The white sorority girl who posted two n-word-filled rants on Instagram told babe she would never do it again. Sure, Jan.

Harley Barber, who was expelled yesterday from the University of Alabama for uploading two separate racist tirades, explained in a phone call that she felt "terrible" for what she did. We spoke to her on Tuesday, but chose not to publish until her school decided on expulsion.

"I've absolutely learned my lesson," she said.

Barber's first video, posted to her Finsta, showed her turning off a running faucet and saying: "We don’t waste water because of people in Syria."

She adds: "I love how I act like I love black people because I fucking hate niggers, so that’s really interesting. I fucking hate niggers, but I just saved the fucking niggers by shutting that water off."

Her second, which appeared after the first had been leaked by another Alabama student, showed her in car with other white friends, saying:

"I've wanted to be an Alpha Phi since I was fucking in high school and nobody fucking understands how much I love Alpha Phi. And now someone wants to say I’m offensive because I said 'nigger?' You know what? Nigger, nigger, nigger. I don’t care if it’s Martin Luther King Day. Nigger, nigger, nigger. I’m in the South now, bitch. So everyone can fuck off. I’m from New Jersey, so I can say 'nigger' as much as I want. Nigger, nigger, nigger. And if anyone else wants to fucking snake me on my fucking Finsta for saying 'nigger?'"

"I just feel so bad," said Harley, after her racist videos had started to go viral. "I didn’t mean anything bad, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I just wasn’t even thinking. My life is over, I’m just scared."

babe asked Harley if she had any black friends and, if so, how they felt about it. She waited several seconds before offering up a "….yes."

When questioned about why she posted those videos in the first place, she said: "I have no excuse. That was disgusting. It was just dumb. It doesn’t make any sense, it’s just me being an idiot."

She was unable to provide any context or implicit meaning behind her comment: "I'm in the South now, bitch. So everyone can fuck off."

"Things are really different at home [in New Jersey]," she said. "I don’t really know how to answer that question."

She denied that she was a racist, adding she knew saying the n-word was wrong. We asked if she would have said it if there were any black people in the car with her, and she said: "No."

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Harley Barber

Responding to her impending expulsion (at the time, she had just been booted out of Alpha Phi, her sorority), she said: "I don’t deserve to be here anymore. It’s a privilege. I don’t think I should be there."

Would she ever say it again?

"No, no."

And has she learned a lesson?

"I've absolutely learned my lesson. I’ve learned so much more than that. I took everything too far. I did this to myself. It just really hurts. It’s my fault, I deserve it. Everyone has every right to say everything about me, because I was wrong."

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