Barbie is a woke vlogger (?) now and she’s actually low-key deep


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Barbie is a woke vlogger (?) now and she’s actually low-key deep

Barbie’s videos cleared my skin and cured my depression

You know how we're always hearing about how Barbie is a dumb broad who's too stupid to be a role model for little girls? Well slurp those words back into your mouth, because Barbie has a vlog and it's deep.

You see, YouTube is getting really weird these days. Like, most of the videos cater to kids ages 8-12, which means there's an abundance of toy reveals and back-to-school hauls. But it has also birthed a woke Barbie, so I guess I'm OK with it.

Her vlog caught attention when Twitter user @erskinerecords realized her video about being sad was the most cathartic thing on the internet. Like, even Barbie gets sad! It's ok if I'm a walking Prozac ad.

She also tweeted about the vlog's anti-bullying video, where Barbie LITERALLY says "there's so much roasting humor nowadays."

Basically, this is a well-crafted takedown of Twitter and I am here for it.

But Barbie's blog doesn't stop at trashing takedowns. She has also tackled gender inequality in the workforce

And the mental-health benefits of meditation

New Barbie is so woke she deserves a Blue Apron-sponsored podcast and maybe even an honorary Ph.D. from Columbia.

But for now, I'm sure she'll settle for being the reason my skin is clear and depression is cured. I guess I'll take back all those years I blamed her for my self-esteem issues.