Justin and Selena broke up again! Are you shocked?


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Justin and Selena broke up again! Are you shocked?

I’m so… tired

Jelena fans, perhaps the most rabid and violent of all online fandoms, have spent the last few days screaming the most important rumor of this week into the void: Selena and Justin have broken up. They're 100 percent positive. And the evidence is pretty damning.

For the past week or so, Justin has been on vacation with his mom, Pattie Mallette. Recently, she posted this picture of the two of them, defending her son from criticism and reminding him she's ~so proud~.

Fans thought this could be her clapping back at Selena's mom, Mandy, who said she wasn't happy about the couple being back together. But it could also be her comforting him after a hard breakup.

One of his latest Insta posts supports the latter theory. His selfie shows him holding a tree and seemingly shading Selena, because it's captioned: "Now I know what love is."

Now I know what Love is

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That looks like a breakup revenge post to me. And if it is, I want everyone to know Justin takes greasy-white-boy pettiness to a new level. If this is just him being goofy, he's still gross.

Selena's actions are making it seem like a breakup too. Her last Instagram post was almost two weeks ago. That's a pretty long hiatus for her. Honestly, if I was that beautiful, I'd be posting all the time too.

It's also slightly fishy that her last post was a picture from her hometown. I feel like visiting your ~roots~ is a traditional way of figuring yourself out after a breakup.

But of course, this is just a theory. And fan theories are often VERY wrong.

One fan, @biebsftlife, thinks the pair might be in the Maldives together and just keeping it the no-photos kind of private. This would make sense, since Pattie seems supportive of the relationship and the two rarely release photos of themselves.

@biebsftlife thinks we will see them out and about sooner or later, and doesn't think they've cut it off just yet.

So I guess we have to sit around and try to figure it out. Just like Mandy, I am fucking done with their on-again off-again love. Selena can do better. And I am tired from constantly refreshing TMZ trying to figure them out.

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