One more obstacle for thickies: Yes, even shoes can fat-shame you


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One more obstacle for thickies: Yes, even shoes can fat-shame you

Thigh-highs shouldn’t put me down, but they do

Maybe it's just me, but shopping is what I consider to be prime time for curvy girls to look at themselves in a mirror only to realize how out of place she is in the world of fashion. Unfortunately, fat-shaming and exclusion go beyond dresses, crop-tops, and denim—but footwear will also scream "no bitch, these Jimmy Choos ain't for you."

Not once have I walked into a DSW, a Payless (I'm a cheap bitch, what can I say?), nor any other shoe department store that accommodated women with cankles and chunky thighs. Every time I think I've stumbled upon a miracle and found shoes that don't make my feet and ankles look fat as shit, I find myself in disappointment yet again. Like what the fuck, Chinese Laundry? Look at my poor piggies in this (size 11) pointed-toe:

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My feet are literally Tommy Pickles'. Dafaque???

One would think shoes would be the last problem within the plus-size community, but my scrunchy-looking toes clearly say otherwise.

Unsurprisingly, "plus-size shoes" aren't a dime a dozen. I'm not sure why, but it seems to go way over the heads of people in the shoe industry that plus-size thighs, calves, and cankles are included in the thick girl starter pack. We're not talking about a cute lil start-up from Shark Tank, ladies and lads. Shoe companies make millions of dollars who blatantly have the bread to throw down for a big bitch to strut in front of her own Mr. Big (no pun intended) — and that would mean even more money in their pockets. So why are we annoyed? While shoes act as a separate accent to that of your #ootd, it cosigns the same "one-size only" bullshit within the fashion world.

There are still plenty of girls who may not even shop plus-size section, but not everyone can pick and choose what parts of their body last night's pizza went to. There's a cankle and chub rub in a lot of women, and we're lacking in variety while simultaneously jumping on the "wokeness" bandwagon.

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Even Kim K's pregnant cankels are about to pop out of this peep-toe

The overall problem with style as a whole is while everyone in real life is starting to get on board with body positivity, the actual companies that create clothes and shoes still think everyone is — or should be — a size two.

Ironically, it was in my first year in college in bumblefuck, NY (where everyone had a model figure after being on the cheer squad for years), that I discovered a pair of stilettos fit for a fatty like me:

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Notice how my feet are actually straight?

I was able to find these basic brown beauties in a store called Debs, destination for plus-size fashionistas to shop for clothes (and their feet). While I found it to be cheap-o version of F21's plus-size section, I have to say that Debs' shoe collection for wide-feet couldn't hold a candle to the tight fits of Forever 21's kicks.

I literally don't even fuck with heels (I'm already 5'10'), and they act as a torture chamber for pudgy piggies. These, however, answered my prayers when I needed heels for a last-minute fashion show. In hindsight, they were a perfect choice as me and other girls were selected out of the crowd to model our shoes on the show's mock-up runway.

No one on this planet has a closet filled with one-size fits all pieces—not even Anna Wintour, but then why do we continue to sew, tailor, and create shit that is literally only fit for cats and infant children?