This Twitter account is just for hot mugshots, and now I know I’d be the ugliest girl in jail


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This Twitter account is just for hot mugshots, and now I know I’d be the ugliest girl in jail

At least I didn’t rob anyone???

We all know that social media makes us feel bad about ourselves. There's been hella studies saying young people are so depressed because we compare ourselves to people on the internet, like Insta models and 14-year-old stars who are hotter than we'll ever be. But who would've thought the day would come where a twitter feed of people in jail would make us feel…inadequate.

Hot mugshots have been going viral for forever. First, there was Jeremy Meeks, the guy who was endearingly named "hot felon."

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He's now a model and dates the Topshop heiress Chloe Green. That's what being hot can do for you.

❤️❤️❤️ @jmeeksofficial

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Then there was Shia Milan Yearwood, a hot girl from North Carolina who used her viral mugshot to promote her hair salon.

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But now a whole group of girls is gaining notoriety for being baddies. @mugshotbaes tweets mugshots of some of the hottest girls I've ever seen. Like, if you look like they do under bright-white lights against a grey slab of concrete, you're a model IRL.

It also includes the crimes they've been arrested for, so I guess that evens the playing field like, maybe a little bit?


Some of the girls' makeup has caught the attention of Twitter because it's not like they got dressed up to go to jail. That shit stayed on through a few hours of illegal activity, lots of stress sweat, and maybe even a physical encounter with the police.

Like, how did her brows stay so perfect??

I can't even get my brows to stay on through a toiling day at babe dot net.

And what fucking mascara is she using?

I need it ASAP! Armed robbery? Whatever, get her a Too Faced contract.

It's really a shame these cheekbones are about to go to jail for driving without a license

If I looked like her, I would never risk hiding my beauty behind bars, js.

But really, even fresh-faced, these girls look great

I need her skincare routine ASAP. My crater face is ready.

I think it's safe to say that YouTube tutorials are over and mugshot makeup is in. I might need to burgle a few Dior stores for this look, but it's probably worth it. Now excuse me while I go google and find a new brow lady.

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