Good afternoon! Tyga put a human-tiger hybrid’s full vagina on his album cover!


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Good afternoon! Tyga put a human-tiger hybrid’s full vagina on his album cover!

I’m so glad Kylie got away from him…

I've never been a big Tyga fan. I was actually going to make a joke about liking the song 'Dance (A$$)' because I thought it was by Tyga but it's actually a Big Sean track, so… yeah. Not that into Tyga.

But even if I was a fan, I know that the album art Tyga released via Instagram on Monday would have ended that shit really quick. It is graphic. As in pornographic. As in it is literal animal porn. And I am not happy about it.

My new Album KYOTO drops FEB 16❤️ I been wanting to make this album for a while now but didn’t have the confidence and the story to express my true emotions.I thank all the love and support you have given me over the years. Thru my ups and downs,At My highest and my lowest points.Thru my brightest and darkest hours.This album is me opening my heart to you and I hope you enjoy it and love it as much as I do❤️ THANK YOU GOD ALWAYS . Thank You Hajime Sorayama for allowing me to share this experience with the world thru your creative art & my vision. #HajimeSorayama #KYOTO FEB 16 Pre order link in bio now.🙏🏾

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Phones are so big now that album art is kind of more critical than ever before. It was one thing back in 2005 when that shit was confined to like, the top lefthand corner of your screen. But I am cringing imagining what this would look like if I checked my phone in public while listening to this album. Boom: tiger pussy!

Honestly, even though it's not my thing, I know furries aren't hurting anybody — they're just having fun online, it's not like they're making me watch five VICE documentaries in a row about them.

But Tyga is forcing us to forgo our right to not see a highly sexualized human-big cat hybrid in order to listen to the mediocre rap ballads this "emotional" album will surely contain.

I already feel sorry for all of the 14-year-olds who are going to get in trouble with their parents for having ever seen this image. They're the real victims here. But I guess they kind of played themselves by listening to Tyga in the first place.


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