Shocker! Kim K is once again under fire for cultural appropriation


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Shocker! Kim K is once again under fire for cultural appropriation

She didn’t even get the name right

You would think that after having not one, not two, but three children of color, Kim K would quit all of her shenanigans and stop appropriating Black culture. But alas, she's at it again. However, instead of rocking my people's skin complexion for makeup sales, she proudly shows off a set of Fulani braids on her Snapchat story.

The most painfully irritatingly idiotic thing about Kim's appropriation is that she credited the hairstyle to Bo Derek, another white woman who appropriated Fulani and also received a shit ton of flack for "borrowing" the look. Like does Kim even read?

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And as to be expected, Black Twitter was less than pleased about Kim posting the video and crediting a white woman for it.

At this point, I'm convinced that Kim is continuing to do this cultural appropriating bullshit for the attention. After having an entire family of color, surrounding herself with friends like Malika and Kadijah Haqq, and witnessing your own siblings dating black men, one would think she knows better. But evidently, that is not the case.

While her PR team is scurrying about to plan out a public apology for her ignorance, I'll be waiting in the wings, watching Black Twitter read her chronic-cultural appropriating ass.