People are comparing Jesus’s love to sexual assault, and they’re even using the #MeToo hashtag


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People are comparing Jesus’s love to sexual assault, and they’re even using the #MeToo hashtag

Alright, you’ve gone too far

By now, we all know about the #MeToo movement and how important and cathartic it's been for countless women to finally confront and acknowledge sexual violence they've experienced. And it absolutely would not have been possible without the existence of social media and the platform it provides us.

But honestly, I'm not totally sold on the idea that everybody should be allowed to post whatever they want, whenever they want — and the following Facebook status is a very offensive Exhibit A.

The presence of the #metoo hashtag made me initially sympathetic, and the framing of the status — "I did not consent. I did not agree… I did not even really know what happened until years later" — closely mirrors a bunch of stories I've seen people of all genders share on my own Facebook feed.

But then, it literally takes the worst fucking turn possible and becomes a heavy-handed and tasteless metaphor for finding Jesus that doesn't even work!

"** Please know that I’m NOT making light of the #metoo movement. Regardless of your thoughts of that movement, sexual assault and harassment should never be allowed. If you’re a victim of that kind of behavior, then I encourage you to seek out help. **" said the original status, which completely makes light of the #MeToo movement.

It's since been reposted and shared by other public accounts.

Comparing "finding" God to getting sexually assaulted doesn't make religion any more appealing, and given the fact that church isn't exactly lit you think Christian advocates could try a little harder.

Plus, I'll say it: NOBODY fucking asked for a Jesus angle on the #MeToo movement! We didn't need it, and now that it's here I wish it was gone.

I guess it was only a matter of time before some zealot co-opted the first chance thousands of women and femmes have had to out abusers and come to terms with their trauma, but it's still shitty to actually see it in action. I'm pretty sure the answer to WWJD? is not "troll victims of sexual assault online for attention," and if that's what it takes to go to Heaven then I guess I'm psyched for Hell.