That guy who tried to get an undocumented classmate deported has been kicked out of his school

Who could have guessed

Here's concrete proof that life comes at you fast: Cory Carnley, the guy who boasted about trying to get an undocumented classmate deported, appears to have lost his place at Gainesville High School.

Cory, until recently a senior at his school, posted: "MFW I report an illegal who goes to my school to ICE," posing in a MAGA hat under a picture of Donald Trump.

Speaking to babe, David Shelnutt, Gainesville High Principal said: "The student who made the postings is no longer attending GHS."

Cory Carnley's original post

Citing privacy law, Principal Shelnutt would not specify precisely how he expunged the racist teen from his school's roster within 24 hours of his postings being published by babe, but he did add: "I hope it will also serve as a learning opportunity for our students."

Cory had an active Reddit account that often posted the n-word, fantasized about torturing immigrants, and bemoaned how white women sleep with people of color. Yesterday he posted a photo of himself to a Donald Trump-supporting subreddit and bragged about how he reported one of his classmates to ICE.

"The person I reported hasn’t even been here long enough to speak more than basic essential English," he said. "They’re no DACA baby like everyone seems to be assuming for some reason. Also, don’t worry about their family. They’re illegal too."

A trawl of his two main Reddit accounts (ChipperLockPicker, now deleted) revealed a slew of awful posts:

Cory did not respond to our requests for comment.

In a statement to babe, Cory's former principal added:

"I could not disagree more with the ideas in these posts. They certainly do not represent our school's culture. GHS is a wonderfully diverse school where students come together and do amazing things. One student does not speak for 1,800 classmates. While this is an extremely unfortunate situation, I hope it will also serve as a learning opportunity for our students."

We have removed four screenshots of Reddit posts from this story, which were posted by a Reddit user named LibCuckSlayer, which we were previously reporting was another account operated by Cory Carnley. See update on our first story.