The girl who poisoned her black roommate with bloody tampons is trying to dodge a prison sentence


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The girl who poisoned her black roommate with bloody tampons is trying to dodge a prison sentence

Brianna Brochu is pushing for probation

Brianna Brochu, the white freshman who bragged about poisoning her black roommate with used tampons, is trying to avoid a prison sentence with probation.

She posted on Instagram to boast about getting her roommate sick by rubbing tampon blood on Chennel Rowe's bag, pouring moldy clam dip into her face lotion, spitting in her coconut oil and inserting her toothbrush "where the sun doesn't shine."

Brochu, 18, pleaded not guilty last month to criminal mischief and breach of peace, which both carry a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a potential fine. Activists are pushing for an additional hate crime charge, which was initially touted after her arrest in October.

At her pre-trial hearing in Hartfort, Connecticut today, she is expected to push for probation, which could erase her criminal charges.

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Briaana Brochu

Brochu's attorney told Greenwich Time she expects to apply for accelerated rehabilitation, a diversionary program in Connecticut that experts call a "get out of jail free card."

There will be a hearing on March 12 to discuss her application.

Back in October, Brochu posted about how she "finally got rid of her roommate," calling her "Jamaican Barbie." She also mocked Rowe's weave and captioned a photo with "this bitch legit bought a box of fucking hair."

Brochu's attorney Tom Stevens told reporters last month: "When this is all said and done, what you're gonna see is there was nothing racial that motivated this."

Speaking to babe in December, Rowe said she was still recovering from Brochu's attempts to poison her. She told us how she continued to travel to New York for doctors' appointments well into November.

On her own Instagram Brochu revealed how she made Rowe sick in a post on Instagram, which explained how she had been trying to "get rid" of her for six weeks.

Rowe then discovered Snapchat images of Rowe's period blood on her bag, circled in red:

A Snapchat video obtained by a local Fox News channel showed Brochu unscrewing Rowe's coconut oil, describing how she would later spit in it.

Brochu was expelled from the University of Hartford and told that she would "not be returning."

The trial continues.