‘Whitesplaining’ is the racist version of mansplaining, and I fully expect you to do it in the comments right now


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‘Whitesplaining’ is the racist version of mansplaining, and I fully expect you to do it in the comments right now

‘Using the N-word is all about context’

Whenever someone like me calls out "racist behavior", like condemning cultural appropriation or wondering why white people like feeling oppressed, in come the whitesplaining commenters. Some of you are probably on your way to whitesplain after you finish reading this here article.

For the gals reading this, however, you might be able to relate to whitesplaining, as it's the racist remix of mansplaining. You already know mansplaining is when a man talks down to a woman in a condescending or patronizing way. Whitesplaining, on the other hand, means to explain something condescendingly to one who is not white, but specifically in regards to race relations or minority behavior. Sound familiar?

Whitesplaining also comes into play when a white person commits a heinous act and it's described as "not that bad" or they're given the benefit of the doubt — something that never happens when a POC does the same thing. When that happens, it's all "go back to your country" within seconds. Fun, right?

In case you're stuck on stupid and still don't get why whitesplaining is fucked up, here's some examples that might open that mind of yours to the realization that you might have done it once or twice yourself:

Mexicans are 'foreigners' or 'immigrants' but white European are 'travelers' or 'expats'

White guy robs a bank: He was at the end of his rope trying to feed his family. POC robs a bank: Those people shouldn't be here anyway

'I've never said the n-word so that automatically makes me not a racist'

'The only time I say the n-word is when I’m driving around listening to rap music'

'Why is this even an issue?'

'I can say 'nigger.' I paid my money for my Jay-Z album just like the rest of you.'

'Black people aren't oppressed. They have the same opportunities as everyone else. They're just lazy'

'Black people can be racist, too'

'Calling someone 'dawg' just means he's your friend!'

Some will probably say they've never said or done any of these acts, in particular, so they can proudly eliminate the subconscious guilt that's in the back of their mind. But whether or not you personally, have whitesplained you definitely know of someone who has, and if you're really down for the brown, you'll check them, too.