‘Sporking’ is the couple’s thirst-trap that’ll make you loathe your single life this Valentine’s Day


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‘Sporking’ is the couple’s thirst-trap that’ll make you loathe your single life this Valentine’s Day

I’m unfollowing all ya’ll in these thirsty-ass situationships

It's officially February, and I just ended things with my Douche Face the day before his birthday—which happens to be today. Meanwhile, heart-shaped balloons are soon to be shoved up our collective asses, allergic reactions from fully-bloomed bouquets are kicking in, and my patience is being tested like never before.

Everyone I'd hoped would flop in their careers (read: everyone I know from high school) is all booed up on Instagram, and it's clear that they want us bitter single bitches to despise them even more by posting the ultimate couple's thirst trap. Prepare to swallow your own vomit now, kids, because this annoying thirst trap is what I call "sporking."

Gawd! Gag me!

Weekend yet?

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You know you know what sporking is, because you've probably gone in search of it every February that you've been forced to have that lone wolf sex with good old righty. Filtering all of the #relationshipgoals #couplegoals #bae in the Insta search will present you with loads of puke-worthy cuddling, make out noises, and masterbation-worthy sporking.

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Sporking can be described as one person sitting on top of their partner, legs ajar, while the other is underneath grabbing the ass of the person on top as they grind their whatever on the "bottom's" crotch. In other words, the starting position for dry-humpery.

I like to consider sporking the couple's thirst trap, because the two collectively scheme how they're going to pose to make all their single followers jealous as shit.

A lot of sporking is even filmed…

How i’m tryna be with bae😈🔥🤤💦💕

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Who the fuck is filming this????

The biggest mindfuck of all in this couple's thirst trap is that if both horn-dog parties are too busy grinding on one another, then who the hell is the videographer for this shit? Are they getting off to this? Is there a direct deposit plan to watch all these couples dry hump each other? And my biggest question, where can I apply?

Lowkey mood, who else😩💦💕🔥

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I know I'll see plenty of this annoying shit in my feed all month long alongside whack ass monthaversary dates, and I'm seriously considering blocking a lot of my own friends who I know are in relationships who will thirst-trap with their "baby." Just take notes from Kim, make a damn porno, and get the fuck out of my timeline.


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