Instagram is CANCELLED after censoring this photo of Bella Hadid and her dog


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Instagram is CANCELLED after censoring this photo of Bella Hadid and her dog

Would you censor the Mona Lisa?

You probably already know this, but incase an old person got lost and ended up on a site called "babe dot net," firstly, welcome!!! Second, Bella Hadid got a new dog and she's already 200 percent more famous than any of us can ever even hope to be.

Something else you're all probably keenly aware of is Instagram's ridiculous community guidelines, where any photos flagged as "inappropriate" are removed immediately. But I'm not talking stretching-out-your-asshole-in-front-of-the-camera inappropriate, I'm talking Bella Hadid-holding-a-puppy-to-her-bosom inappropriate. Yes, the rumors are true; some time between the late hours of last night and early hours of this morning, a work of art was stolen out from under us.

Of course it's possible the model archived it, but as someone who's literally never archived any of her photos before, why would she start with her own angel puppy debut?

For now we still have this one, but don't you miss Myspace days when you could have your tits out in a live stream for hours and nobody would report it? Besides, her nipples weren't even out. As if we haven't seem them pointing skywards in nearly every catwalk of hers like, ever.

One day, the same way worthy bookshops have a "banned books" section, museums will have "banned IG" sections, and Naked Bella and her pup will be hanging smack in the center. Mark my words, Instagram.


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