Just a few of the very best reactions to Kylie Jenner’s ICONIC baby reveal


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Just a few of the very best reactions to Kylie Jenner’s ICONIC baby reveal


The greatest mystery of our generation has come to a predictable (but satisfying) end — Kylie Jenner was fucking pregnant the whole time, and now she's a mom! Honestly, Kylie played us from the beginning and then released a video so cute we can't even be mad.

But enough about her — what about how strangers online feel, am I right? Here are a few of our favorite tweets about the most important birth since Jesus H. Christ.

Let's just state the obvious…

Yeah, we all saw this coming. But that doesn't mean we're not gonna talk about it non-stop for the next week.

We live for drama, and this was D-R-A-M-A


Sure, we'll take any chance to share our dumbass opinions online, but this is an extra special occasion.

Superbowl who?

Their first mistake was booking Justin for the Halftime Show like literally anybody wants to see that, and while I can't totally blame the NFL for booking the football game on the same day as Kylie's announcement, I just think they should be more careful next time.

We love the video…

Honestly? Unimpeachably pure content. The most moving tale committed to film in the past century. I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!

And now… we get to speculate

The news cycle never sleeps, people. The only thing juicier than the rumors surrounding Kylie's pregnancy are the ones still to come. Let the conspiracy theories roll, baby!