If Kylie ACTUALLY chose this name for her baby I swear I’m gonna KMS


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If Kylie ACTUALLY chose this name for her baby I swear I’m gonna KMS

Imagine roll call in school

I've felt love before, OK? Vicariously, sure, but real and pure nonetheless.

I felt it the first time I heard Bella talk about The Weeknd (how did he fuck it up so bad?), I felt it watching Selena run back to Justin and I especially felt it when I found out Ed Sheeran was engaged. Love must be real, there's no other rational explanation.

But I've never felt love the way I did yesterday, watching Kylie Jenner's "To Our Daughter" video, and it's safe to assume other people felt the same, seeing as it's done more than 23 million views in less than 24 hours. I mean, I thought a like per minute on IG was something to celebrate.

So, in the wake of all this love, riddle me this: Why would Kylie choose to name her daughter "Butterfly"? Don't believe me? Look at what her fans are saying.

'Kylie is about to name her baby butterfly'

'Her cake had butterflies on it, she wears butterflies'

'Travis Scott – Butterfly Effect'

'They zoomed in on her butterfly necklace'

'It'll be something with butterfly'

'Baby is going to be named butterfly, just watch'

Sure, butterflies are Kylie and Travis' thing, but I once had an ex where our "thing" was snails (seriously, we'd send each other memes about snails, photos of snails, etc.), but we wouldn't have named our kid "Snail." At least I don't think so.

And even with her butterfly necklace in the video and the butterflies on the baby's wall, I hope it's just an aesthetic thing.

'Does the name mean butterfly? Why do I care so much?'

'Aquarius or Mariposa'

'Ulysses? Chrysalis?'

Because how are you going to follow up Chicago with Butterfly?


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