This girl got in a fight with her boyfriend and jumped out of a car going 60 MPH


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This girl got in a fight with her boyfriend and jumped out of a car going 60 MPH

I wish I were that committed to anything

I've stormed off during my fair share of arguments. Started screaming and called an Uber before blasting "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" on the ride home (you already know my weak-ass got back together), and I've of course gotten kicked out of bars after accusing the bartender of looking at other girls. Uh, I'm right here.

But one thing I've never done is dive out of a car traveling 60MPH because I was so dedicated to winning an argument that it was either that or take an L. But yesterday, one brave woman took a leap of faith and fully committed to her rage in a way the rest of us have only ever dreamt of.

The two 20-years-olds were driving along Freeway in south-western Taiwan, when a dashcam caught the woman jumping out of the car before rolling along the side of the highway. According to local press, she pushed her way out of the vehicle without waiting for her boyfriend to stop after the two of them got into a very heated argument.

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Luckily, the witness called the police afterwards and the authorities say the woman only suffered some minor scratches on her feet, despite the fact she was only wearing a tank-top and shorts.

So in the end, hopefully this whole event was way more traumatizing for the boyfriend and his bone-head will think next time before trying to win an argument against her. No charges will be pressed and the couple were let off with a warning, but we know he got more than a warning once they made it home.


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