Watch Chris Crocker talk about his ‘white guilt’ and tell me he’s not our new woke king


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Watch Chris Crocker talk about his ‘white guilt’ and tell me he’s not our new woke king

He was right about Britney, too!

When I saw Chris Crocker crying about the plight of Britney Spears back in 2007, I thought it was funny as hell! He was way too upset about someone he didn't even know — plus, Britney's shaved head was hilarious!

Except it wasn't — she was going through a mental breakdown from a lifetime of media exposure, and Crocker was fucking right, we should have left her alone! Even if he was a little dramatic about it.

So I really shouldn't even have been surprised when I watched this video of Chris succinctly tackling the internet trolls who accuse him of speaking up for the rights of black people and other people of color based on a sense of 'white guilt'

"If you want to say that I have white guilt because I speak up against racist pieces of shit and double standards, and because I say that black lives matter and because I speak up against Trump's bullshit on the regular, then yeah, I got white guilt all day long," Crocker says in the video.

"Guilty as charged for the guilt, bitch!" he says in a way that made me whisper "same" to nobody in particular

Watch his full video and tell me I'm not wrong for calling him our new woke king:

And I am thrilled to announce that this is not the first time Crocker has used his platform to speak out for what he believes in

He fucking hates Trump…

And he hates him in a way that involves actually engaging with him, which is seriously impressive.

He knows how HE would run the country

Spoiler alert: it's better.

And he's not afraid to elevate other peoples' voices

His Twitter feed is straight up 50% Chris Crocker silliness and 50% political shit — a truly impressive dichotomy.

If other Internet Personalities took a leaf out of his book in terms of using their platforms for the greater good, Twitter might be a little bit more bearable.


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