I’m not going to cover up to make you feel less insecure


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I’m not going to cover up to make you feel less insecure

That’s not my baggage

There's an endless plague going around concerning unwarranted suggestions on what thick women should wear because of their figure.

Hearing nonstop versions of "Ew, put a sweatshirt on, nobody wants to see that," or my favorite more micro-aggressive rendition, "Maybe if you wore something else, you wouldn't have people staring," has been an obstacle every damn day. What sucks even more is the self-doubt and hate that stems from the criticism of family and "friends." However, I'm encouraging all of you to continue flashing your tits, bellies, thighs and cracks in whatever revealing clothing you want to.

Make them uncomfortable with your own confidence

There are still a lot of idiot people stuck in their old ways, believing crop tops, shorts, tanks and mini skirts are reserved for Victoria's Secret models, but that is not the case.

I remember when I bought a dress I thought would be long in the back (at least long enough to cover up this big booty, Judy), before realizing that was a case of wishful thinking. The dress was super short in the front, and lacked any coverage of my thighs, drowning in cellulite.

I wore it on the train and people stared me down when I sat and it hiked up, only to reveal even more of my lumpy skin. It was nerve-wracking, but I had an epiphany: "I'm already out the house, there's nothing I can do now." Let the onlookers look, and try enjoying the attention instead.

They're just projecting their insecurities onto you

Think about all of the various sized bloggers who are successful because they purposefully don't conform to what "suits" their body type. Some are now making 6-figure salaries solely off of their social media because they let their flab hang as it should.

Corn fed ?✌?

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When you think you're being stared down incredulously for wearing your shorts short, it's probably because they can't believe you — a woman with a shape different from very particular societal standards — has the actual set of balls to walk outside and rock your style with no shame.

That makes people uncomfortable, which is only a reflection of their insecurities.

Any qualms you have about wearing shorts with tights or sleeveless tops need to be tossed like Blacc Chyna's music career, because those no-ass haters telling you to cover up are the same ones who wish they had the confidence to strip it down. Those fat-shaming comments about your fashion choices are bullshit, because there's nothing about your clothing that's inflicting any sort of inconvenience upon their lives, besides the fact that their insecurities are now showing.

It may be chilly out, but get real — we're all just trying to hoe out in the winter anyway. Anyone telling me what not to wear needs to get a clue and realize I don't give a fuck if you don't want to see my jiggle or not. And if you've got a problem, go blind yo self.