Step aside Logan Paul, Kian Lawley is the new racist piece of shit vlogger


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Step aside Logan Paul, Kian Lawley is the new racist piece of shit vlogger

‘What’s up fucking n******?’

If you're blessed enough to be out of touch with the world of YouTube celebs, this week star vlogger Kian Lawley was fired after a video surfaced of him spouting disgusting racist slurs out of his crusty little face-hole.

In the footage, Lawley is heard using the n-word: “That's why we’re all black drinking purple Kool-aid and eating Kentucky fried mother fucking chicken. What's up fucking n******?"

The video, which is actually a few years old, appeared online for the first time this week. Lawley has now been cut from 20th Century Fox's upcoming film “The Hate U Give" — inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement — and they've already begun working towards recasting him.

Naturally, this isn't the first time Lawley has been caught being an absolute piece of shit on camera, but it is the first time he's faced any kind of backlash at all. In June of last year this video surfaced of Lawley screaming at a woman he believed scratched his car:

All of this comes in the wake of disgraced vlogger Logan Paul uploading a video to his YouTube channel depicting the recently-deceased corpse of a man who had died in Japan's "suicide forest." This was on the same trip where he posted a video of himself throwing Pokéballs at Japanese people. "Gotta be careful to respect the culture," he can be heard saying in the video.

Like Paul, Lawley apologized for his actions, but he seems to have fallen short, even with a number of his fans. “Words have power and can do damage. I own mine and I am sorry," he said. He also said sorry on Twitter.

"If u don't learn from ur mistakes, u can never grow as a person," he wrote.

At least type it out next time, man.


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