We just got the worst site on the internet taken down


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We just got the worst site on the internet taken down

Users on incel.life called Larry Nassar a ‘god’ and bragged about sexual assault

Until about 3.30 Eastern this afternoon, incel.life was a site where men bragged about sexual assault and fantasized about raping and killing women. One member called the child abuser Larry Nassar a "god" and another posted about how he rubbed himself against a woman on a bus until "she got off practically crying."

The site was a forum for violent misogynists who considered themselves "involuntarily celebate," or incels – men who blame women for their lack of romantic relationships and sex. The site described itself as a place where "involuntarily celibate males can vent and express their feelings and frustrations without fear of getting banned."

The splinter site was created after Reddit closed the r/Incels forum on its site late last year for violating its rules.

Babe asked Namecheap, the internet company where the incel.life domain was registered, if they knew about the violent content. Within two hours they had canceled the domain and told us the site was offline.

Like the neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer last year, the incel guys will now have to find a different domain registrar if they want to carry on their site.

incel.life, before it was taken offline

Incel.life was home to extremely graphic posts, ranging from accounts of sexual assaulting women to brutal fantasies of rape and torture. Some of the disturbing posts are featured in this article.

One graphic account described groping a woman on a bus. The poster talks about rubbing his genitals against a stranger. "I did this for 15 minutes. I even skipped my stop," he writes. "I hope I do this again."

The user was congratulated by members of the site as others shared their accounts of sexually assaulting women.

One user described his urge to stab a woman in the face. "I shoved her out my way and told her to watch where the fuck she was going."

Another claimed how he was on the verge of attacking a woman with acid. "I swear I'm so fucking close to getting a spray bottle and acid facing these fucking skanks," he said.

Incel.life members often posted about their violent fantasies of rape and murder. One user dreamed about how he wanted to "stone a slut."

Others posted about their desire to implement female genital mutilation in America and imagined brutal scenarios of keeping "rape slaves" and "rounding up femoids" for rape. Femoid is one of the demeaning words the incels use to refer to women.

Members regularly lauded serial killers and abusers. A recent post praised Larry Nassar, the doctor who was sentenced to 40 to 125 years in prison for decades of sexual abuse.

A commenter underneath this post wrote: "Half the little sluts were already fucking anyway."

The site also considered Elliot Rodger – the 22-year-old who killed six people and injured 14 others in 2014 – an icon.

Rodger was inspired by incel ideology, and before his killing spree wrote: "One day incels will realize their true strength and numbers, and will overthrow this oppressive feminist system. Start envisioning a world where WOMEN FEAR YOU."

A user on incel.life said: "You cannot deny the fact he absolutely did nothing wrong."

The site was set up two months ago, shortly after r/incel was banned. It appeared to use Reddit's source code, and looked almost identical to the forum.

After its creation, mods of incel.life warned new members not post anything that would attract the attention of authorities. "So no plans for shooting up public places or anything," wrote a mod.

In their rules section, incel.life wrote they were an online community where "involuntarily celibate males can vent and express their feelings and frustrations without fear of getting banned or harassed by Normies."

The site warned women away from the site, along with "their loyal cuckservants."

Namecheap, the company that hosted incel.life, told babe the domain has been disabled.

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