Hilary Duff is playing Sharon Tate in her new movie and the family is pissed off


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Hilary Duff is playing Sharon Tate in her new movie and the family is pissed off

‘It’s classless and exploitative’

Look, I was just as excited as everyone else to find out Hilary Duff is filming a new movie. I really miss Lizzie McGuire and I could never get into Younger, probably because it's a TV Land show. But then, I found out how fucked up her new movie is, and I feel like I have to tell the world not to see it. Here's why.

So, Hilary is starring in this independent movie called "The Haunting of Sharon Tate." If you somehow don't know who Sharon Tate is, she was the pregnant actress who was murdered by Charles Manson's cult in 1969. Hilary's movie will presumably come out in 2019 to tie it to the 50th anniversary of Tate's death.

Debra Tate, Sharon's sister, told People she thinks the film is "classless" and "exploitative." She thinks it's especially offensive that the film will come out on the "anniversary of this horrific event" and that it is based on a "fabrication."

The movie will be about Sharon having premonitions about her death and breaking down as a result, which Debra says never happened in real life.

Yes, you read that correctly: They're literally making a false psycho-thriller about a dead lady without her consent.

Debra is rightfully upset that no one contacted her about the film. I agree that the whole thing is fucked up on so many levels. It's not a docuseries or biopic that would do the deceased justice. It's a twisted fairytale based on a real person without the permission of their family.

I'm sad Hilary Duff did this for attention and another line on her IMDb. Please go back to being thicc and starring in TV special romcoms, thank you very much.

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