Instagram’s latest trend will have you flashing back to high school


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Instagram’s latest trend will have you flashing back to high school

I was That Bitch

Like most of us, I would prefer to leave my High School days behind me. When you're in like, 10th grade, everything is awkward. You think everyone hates you and your bras never fit and you're still trying to figure out how to make your crush love you. You know, without giving him a blow job, like Rachel did on the bus that one time.

But apparently, one High School clothing trend wasn't awkward. Letterman jackets are the latest Instagram trend, and they're super easy to style.

Hailey Baldwin in a Varsity Jacket, January 2018

Maybe it's Riverdale, maybe it's the Olympics, or maybe it's the fact that we're all looking forward to March Madness, but these jackets are on every influencer right now.

A is for Asshole ?? @actuallyitsaxel #strangersvarsity #strangevacation

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One of the best things about the style is how easily it can be paired with athletileisure for a sporty look, or dressed up with a nice pant and pair of heels. And don't worry — not all of them have patches.

Classic letterman jackets with patches, like the one Victoria's Secret model Daniela Braga is wearing below, are a bold tribute to the real thing


A post shared by Daniela Braga (@bragadany) on Jan 30, 2018 at 7:46am PST

Here's some bold patches for $20.

Dark-colored versions of these classic jackets are especially edgy when mixed with leather and other dark accessories

Here's one in black for only $20 at H&M

Or one from Urban for $150.

But pastels are just as easy to pair with any outfit for an on-trend look

Here's a ~millenial~ pink jacket that's only $14.

If you're feeling a little too tame for this trend at full-force, bombers with striped lining achieve the look without the overstated patches or big sleeves

Nordstrom has a Levi's lookalike for only $88.

Or you can get it in black from GAP for $168.

And a metallic bomber gives the look a little more edge than a fleece option

We like this shiny bomber from Forever 21 that's only $20.

I may have hated High School, but I really wish I kept my Varsity jacket. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I didn't get it for some sexy sport like Cheerleading or Women's lax. I got it for choir. Now you know why I hated High School.