This is officially the only thirst-trap you can bring out in public and still maintain your dignity


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This is officially the only thirst-trap you can bring out in public and still maintain your dignity

Finally, you can thirst-trap on the go.

Let me start by putting my big girl thong on and tell you all the honest truth: your Instagram thirst-traps are not enough anymore. Playing dress up in your new bikini captioning "how's my hair?" will no longer result in a overflowing DMs folder, and pastie-covered nipples is the latest trend at Auntie Patty’s nursing home. Next.

Like everything else in the world, you've got to take matters into your own hands. Now go forth, my fellow hoes, and cue up this easy to-go thirst-trap I like to call ”cheeking.”

And yes, you can still use it to trap on the 'gram as well as the grocery store.

Cheeking is actually a trendy fashion statement

Piggybacking off of the good old 90s when the original hipsters started cutting holes in the front of their jeans, we've recognized that our knees weren't sexy enough (were they ever?). Naturally, we pioneers started a DIY thot knockoff and cut out the butt-cheeks altogether.

Some cheeking is just an upper thigh peep show

Not every girl is ready and willing to cut a butt slit out of their Good Americans but if you're looking to get the soccer hottie in pre-calc to ask for your digits, then give them a little something more when you bend over after "dropping your pencil." You will probably get thrown into ISS for wearing these, though, so plan accordingly. All it takes is a small incision underneath the back pocket.

But most cheeking is…apparent

If you're a bold hoe like me, then you'll easily tear apart some old denim to exhibit a hot under butt. You want to make sure that the crease between your cheek and your thigh is the main focus because it'll be the key for getting them to approach you first. So little work done in return for so much attention.

Whether you're the thirst-trap master fishing for compliments or if you're just looking for a Valentine’s distraction, this is probably the easiest way to make them do a double-take. Looks like Yeezy Season 12 has inspired us all to cut up holes in our clothes and call it "cutting-edge" fashion.