This is your zodiac soulmate, according to your own sign


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This is your zodiac soulmate, according to your own sign

Cancer and Virgo 4evr

Imagine if we put the amount of brain power we put into Valentine's Day into literally anything else? And yet, here I am, figuring out how to order flowers for myself so I can flex in front of my coworkers.

Though it could be worse. The only thing harder than being single on Valentine's day is being in a situationship, and the only thing worse than being in a situationship is worrying about who you're going to be in a situationship with. Luckily, most of it comes down to the stars anyway. This is who your Valentine is most likely to be, based on your star sign:

Aries: Scorpio

There are a lot of signs that are compatible with Aries, and that's because even though they can be egotistical and cutting, they're as sensitive as any water sign, if not more. You're the first in everything, so naturally you want to be the first to fall in love.

Not all of us will come across soulmates in this life, but when it comes to Aries and Scorpio, you've got it made — it's like everything else melts back and is stripped away. I mentioned in your monthly horoscope that the beginning of February is about romancing for you, so V Day could make it or break it.

Taurus: Libra

A grounded and practical earth sign, there's nobody that can lift you up in the way a Libra can. Sure, another fire or air sign could show you a fun time, but you're not necessarily looking for "fun," you're looking for deep. Consider yourselves karmically linked.

A soul split in two, there'll be enough talk of art, culture, books and movies to go around — you won't even realize that waiter has handed you your check (twice). A good date idea would be heading to a planetarium, or staying in and watching black and white films together. You two are deeper than some stupid commercial holiday anyway.

Gemini: Sagittarius

They say opposites attract, but that's not the case when it comes to Gemini. Expressive and quick-witted you don't need an earth or water sign weighing you down. What you do need, it someone sharp enough and smart enough to keep up with your jokes. And in your case, that's a Sagittarius.

When a Gemini and a Sagittarius come together it's less of an explosion of fire and air, and more a working together of the two. After all, one can't exist without the other. A Sagittarius is brilliant and fun and adventurous, something you won't get bored of quickly, which you need, because you always get bored quickly.

Cancer: Virgo

Intuitive and sentimental you're one of the most sensitive signs which means you've probably already been panicking about Valentine's Day for a few months now. You've had your heart broken before so it's safe to say you're not eager about handing it to someone again. What that means is you need someone to ground you, and the best sign to do that is a Virgo.

Virgos pay attention to every single detail and although they may not be as psychic as you are, they read energies in a way no other earth sign can. They'll know when you need space, they'll know when you want to be close and they'll know you prefer cozy dive bars to fancy ones.

Leo: Aquarius

Driven by the desire to be loved, every ounce of a Leo's energy is spent pretending they're not. You love to look independent, like you don't care, but ultimately you're bursting at the seams — you just do a good job of hiding it. That's why an Aquarius, social, but independent, will give you every single thing you desire.

You need someone you can pour all of your wild thoughts into, but you also need to them to recognize you have things you want to accomplish alone. Try somewhere new and cutting edge because you're both known for pushing boundaries.

Virgo: Cancer

One of the most careful signs of the zodiac you've never been one to dive head first into relationships or situationships without at least thinking about it first. You know love can be a distraction and so the emotions that come along with it can be worrying to you. That's why a Cancer is the perfect partner for you.

They're emotional and sentimental, but they're also cautious and will take your reservations seriously. They more psychic than other signs, so they'll know when to push and when not to. Both highly eccentric, you'd do well avoiding cheesy V Day venues. Try a cool new bar or a low-key concert instead.

Libra: Taurus

There's no sign that hates being alone like you do, which means the panic around V Day is not only heavy, it's real. You're a people person and you're comfortable sharing your most intimate thoughts with people, which means you need someone you can trust those with. For you, that means a Taurus.

They're grounded, trustworthy — something you value immensely — and won't up and leave when the last sip of wine is dried and gone. Just make sure to do something creative together. You're two of the most intelligent signs so the chat will be flowing. Don't force yourself into a quite restaurant just because it's what everyone else is doing.

Scorpio: Aries

Even though you're an emotional water sign, you're considered one of the most passionate and sexual signs of the zodiac, which means you're going to need some fire this Valentine's Day. Because Scorpios are attractive to just about everyone, you'll have your pick of the lot, but when it comes to something deeper, a Virgo or a Cancer just isn't going to cut it.

You're a jealous one which means you're going to need stability, and there's no sign that can stabilize you like an Aries can, because with you two it's like soulmates.

Sagittarius: Gemini

The most unique thing about a Sagittarius is that you're one of the only signs who is constantly hungry for the next thing. When it comes to literature or art this is great, but when it comes to love it can be a bit more difficult. It doesn't mean it's impossible, it just means you need the right one.

For you, the right one is a Gemini. Gasp, horror, shock I know. Aren't they two-faced? Not necessarily, and it would be a lie to say you weren't a bit flighty yourself. The two of you, fire and air will feed off one another, never ceasing to grow and learn. Go somewhere you've both never been before and explore it while getting to know each other.

Capricorn: Pisces

An amazing listener, you need someone chatty enough to keep you alert and engaged. The best thing about a Capricorn is that you can keep any secret, but that means you often have a hard time finding the right words. You spend so much time in your mind, thinking instead of gossiping. Because of this, you need a sign who's dreamy enough and emotional enough to pour it all out for you.

One of the most expressive signs, Pisces have all the talk without any of the gossip. They will respect your ability to listen and hold secrets close, but they also won't consider holding back. Go somewhere intimate where you can get close enough to whisper if need be. You might end up telling them more than you think.

Aquarius: Leo

Sarcastic meme queen over here, you've got all the jokes and you need someone willing to laugh embarrassingly hard at every single one of them. Sure, you're into love and emotions and all that, but it seems a bit outdated. Can't we just enjoy the company we're with when we're with them? Witty and quick, you need a fire sign capable of keeping up with you, and a Leo is just the right one for the job.

Neither of you want to sit around chatting about work or the weather. You want to get to the good stuff — what scares them most, who do they most want to be. Go somewhere where you can laugh openly and drink cheap whiskey. For both of you, it's about the people, not the place.

Pisces: Capricorn

A mysterious and sensual sign, you need someone tight-lipped enough to hold onto all of those secrets you're constantly keeping inside. Because you're more intuitive and emotional than other signs you have a lot to say, but don't always trust people enough to open up. That's why you need a Capricorn.

A Capricorn is not only understanding, but they can keep a secret better than anybody else. They won't judge you for past romances or future desires — they'll listen and allow you to talk those feelings through with someone for the first time. Go somewhere dimly lit where you can sit face to face. I already sense conversation flowing.


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